PowerCube Rescue Container

    The US company Ecosphere Technologies has developed a device to help people in a natural disaster area. In the event of such a disaster, the victims drop the PowerCube container , and better, a lot of containers. They should be brought into working condition by pulling out the solar panels.

    After that, the PowerCube provides electricity to the local population, as well as purifies drinking water and distributes WiFi (everything works on solar energy).

    Ecosphere Technologies has developed three models of containers of different sizes. The largest of them generates up to 15 kW of electricity. She spends part of this on water purification and distribution of WiFi, and the rest she gives to the local power grid.

    If a large area has been damaged, then several containers can be dropped there at once.

    PowerCube is also suitable for supplying mobile hospitals, tent camps and other temporary settlements.

    In principle, instead of solar panels, you can use a conventional diesel generator, which produces tens of times more power. But for him, he will have to periodically throw fuel, which is not always possible (for example, the camp is in an area prohibited from flying).

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