Easter eggs-text RPG code in Google search engine

    The user Reddit ( attempt_number_1 ) shared a very unusual find on the forum - he was able to run a text RPG in the google.com site code.

    It turns out that no one knows exactly how old this Easter secret is.

    Instructions: (checked by me in chrome and Mozilla)

    To get into the RPG you need ( there is already a direct link in the comments , thanks to lexasoft83):
    - go to the Google.com page in “incognito mode”;
    - go to the “settings \ settings” menu, select “Languages ​​\ Languages” and there select “Which language should Google products use?” - English and choose "save";

    - enter in the search line two words without quotes: "text adventure";
    - after the search results appear, press the F12 key;
    - in the appeared window select the “Console” tab;
    - to start the game you need to write in the console "yes".

    The full list of commands looks like this:
    - north (move north),
    - south (move south),
    - west (move west),
    - east (move east),
    - down (move down),
    - up (move up ),
    - grab (take the item),
    - why (question why),
    - inventory (open inventory),
    - use (use item),
    - help (help request),
    - exits (exit),
    - map (map),
    - friends

    After entering each team in the text of the game will be reported on the possible directions of the next move and obstacles in the way.

    In a secret RPG, you need to find letters from the Google logo using simple text directions like “go north” or “go west”, as well as actions like “take”, “open inventory” and “use”.

    Users of Reddit note that it can take from one to two hours to complete a thoughtful passage. One of the gamers indicated that the location presented in the game is somewhat similar to the location of one of Google’s offices in California. The developer who created this secret could work there.

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