Oxygen Accelerator - Our First Day in London

    So, today is the first day of our stay at the startup accelerator in London - Oxygen Accelerator . Earlier, in early September, our service for protecting web sites from DDoS attacks was chosen to participate in this accelerator. Our decision to apply for this program was dictated by the fact that Oxygen is one of five accelerators approved by the UK government to obtain an entrepreneurial visa for 6 months. This, in turn, will extend the stay in England if our startup attracts an investment of 250,000 pounds.


    The Oxygen Accelerator program takes 13 weeks and runs at Google Campus in London. Accelerator management and interested investors select 10 teams from all applications and then invite them to the program.


    The conditions of the program are as follows:

    1) You give away 8% of the shares from your startup to the Oxygen Accelerator team.
    2) In return, you get an investment in your startup in the amount of 6,000 pounds per member of the team. The maximum number of people in a team is 3 people. In our case, we came together, so we get a total of 12,000 pounds.
    3) During the first week you also need to register a new company in England and open a bank account.

    After arrival, every day the program is scheduled by the hour, there is not always time left to develop your product, you have to keep up everywhere.

    Here is our schedule for the first day:

    09:30 10:00: Arrive, coffee!
    10:00 12:15: Accelerator 101 (all you need to know about the next 3 months)
    12:15 13:15: Group Lunch, Settling into the coworking space.
    13:15 14:00: Meet our Entrepreneurs in Training, who are here to help you.
    14:00 16:15: Getting to know each other: Pitches, and some surprise activities.
    16:15 17:00: All about Google Campus: Tour & how to make the most of it.
    17:30: Head to The Book Club for Welcome Drinks! We will also be joined by some of our
    alumni & other friends of Oxygen.

    Google Campus building at the moment:

    Teams gather in the audience:

    First performance:

    Short break, building from the inside:

    Design of a small garden:

    The first day is coming to an end, further on the schedule - going to the pub with all the teams, accelerator management and investors! Now you can relax a bit and drink real English ale! :)

    Please ask us questions if you are also going to apply for such a program and we will be happy to help you!

    Wait for the news!

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