Ask an expert a question and win a Highload ticket!

    This week in Moscow will be one of the best technology conferences HighLoad 2014 .
    We want to give the opportunity to "jump on the departing train" to those who really wanted to get to the conference, but did not have time or could not buy a ticket. Badoo gives 2 conference tickets for the best questions to the experts that you leave in the comments.
    Questions should be on the topic that experts are versed in, plus they should be complex and interesting.
    Ideally, you talk about some kind of difficulty that you encountered in the work, how you solved it and why it didn’t work out + ask for advice. You can ask any number of questions.
    We’ll summarize tomorrow, October 30, at 16-00.
    • Alexey Rybak
      Head of Engineering Badoo (Head of Engineering) He
      can advise on issues of managing development in a large project, scaling and performance, monitoring, support, BigData and Business Intelligence.
    • Ilya Ageev
      QA Lead at Badoo
      Ready to explain how Badoo organizes development, testing and rolling out tasks.
    • Pavel Dovbush
      Head of Frontend at Badoo
      Specialization: solution and troubleshooting of the frontend-part and client-server bundle. Design and programming of architecture of loaded client-server applications. Code analysis and optimization.
    • Nikolay Krapivny
      Head of the new functional department Badoo
      PHP-programmer. Ready to answer questions about everything-everything-everything that works on PHP in Badoo. Explains how the general process of developing new site functionality and mobile applications is built.
    • Anton Povarov
      Head of the C / C ++ department at Badoo
      Answers questions about highly loaded backend services. Ready to advise on the design, development, implementation, scaling and maintenance of backend services, C / C ++, Go.

    Waiting for questions!

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