Verve 2: an electronic designer of smart devices for beginners + the opportunity to learn the basics of electronics

    Modern technology has stepped far forward, and many people would like to learn the basics of electronics, but they consider such training very difficult, if at all possible, for an uninitiated person. On the other hand, the same technologies make it possible to create universal electronic sets with which you can assemble your own smart devices, with a connection to the network, without knowledge of electroonics.

    The Verve 2 project from Inxus is an opportunity to gain knowledge on the basics of electronics, in the process of creating your own smart device (it can be a remote control system, a home security system, and so on).


    The main board is enclosed in a green plastic case, on the sides of which there are connectors for connecting additional sensors. In addition, there is a USB port for connecting to a PC and a connector for connecting a power supply.

    Features of Verve 2

    The developers themselves call their project "Arduino for beginners in electronics", and position the set as a training designer. Moreover, the capabilities of Verve 2 are quite extensive:

    • Collection and logging of data over a long period of time (day, week, month);
    • Ability to connect additional sensors (total 9 sensors);
    • Connection to the network, data transfer in real time;
    • Creating macros and scripts to enable additional functions of the created device;
    • Analysis and graphical visualization of the received data (noise level, pressure on the sensor, the number of sensor responses for a certain time, etc.);
    • Work with an open project API.

    The functionality of the kit is fully disclosed when additional sensors are connected. There are 9 of them, each designed to work / react to a specific factor, including sound, pressing, electric current, magnetic field, movement, light, rotation of the arm.

    In addition, there is the tenth type of sensor, which is called a DIY-sensor. This is a miniature electronic node, the functions of which can be configured by users already with any knowledge in electronics. The sensor includes 0.1 '' GND, signal, and 3.3V pins.

    The developers themselves argue that Verve 2 is three systems in one:
    • Firstly, it is a sensor system with feedback;
    • Secondly, it is a web server that provides access to the device via the Internet;
    • Thirdly, it is a data collection and processing system that allows you to receive data from additional sensors connected to the device and analyze this data.

    Indeed, the created device can be connected to the Network, and take data in real time remotely, or via the Internet to control the created system.

    Verve 2 developers presented four types of kits, from basic to advanced:

    1. Basic kit with Verve 2 board, connecting cable, light sensor, flash drive with drivers, mini-USB cable.

    2. A kit with a Verve 2 board, a connecting cable, 7 sensors (all except for an audio sensor and a force sensor), a flash drive with drivers, a mini-USB cable.

    3. Complete set with all sensors.

    4. Double full set


    In Russia, pre-order for Verve 2 can be issued at Medgadgets. The kit will go on sale in November-December, after the manufacturer ships the first batch of devices.

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