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    Hello, Habr!

    We are starting a series of publications about MONETA.RU projects.
    Let's try to talk about how we see the development of payments on the Internet, about technical solutions related to payments and settlements.
    And let's start with what PayAnyWay is - a brand, the name of a payment service provided by a non-bank credit organization
    Moneta.Ru in the Internet payment market for a long time - since 2005. Now we have three main types of business - money transfers using electronic wallets, Internet acquiring services and a regular payment service (payment for communication services, utility bills, fines, training).

    PayAnyWay, in addition to accepting payments by bank cards, offers the most common methods in Runet - payment through salons, mail, payment using Internet banking systems and bank accounts, from mobile phone accounts and electronic wallets.


    There is a difficult task - how to make the client leave an advance payment. How can one simply pay on the Internet for mobile communications - the result will be obtained almost instantly, SMS will come to replenish the balance, i.e. from the moment of payment to the moment of receiving the service, very little time will pass. When paying for goods with physical delivery, everything is different. I don’t really want to ship goods to another region without an advance payment (this is unlikely to be courier delivery with the ability to receive money at the time of goods transfer). And the buyer does not want to risk money without seeing the goods. The question arises of customer confidence in the online store. It (trust) consists of the following: recommendations from those who have already made purchases in this store; clear and transparent content about how the buyer will be able to return their money, if the goods do not suit him or if he does not receive it; incentive for the buyer to make an advance payment (for example, receiving a discount).
    How is the buyer refunded if he paid for the goods by credit card? There is a “peaceful” procedure - the buyer must contact the online store and ask for a refund. It is enough for an online store to go into your personal account with us and initiate a refund operation with one “click”, money will be returned in a short time - usually 1-3 days. There is a “military” procedure - if the online store refuses to return the money, the buyer needs to contact his bank and write a refund statement (chargeback). The bank that issued the card will launch a more complex review process, as a result of which the money will also be returned to the card holder. In this case, we will already return the money, our relationship with the online store will remain behind the scenes. The only thing - the return period in this case will be 1-2 months.
    Here it is necessary to tell all this to the buyer so that he is not afraid to pay.
    Card payment is actually a fairly secure tool for the payer.
    We take very serious measures to ensure this security, check every store at the connection stage, daily we carefully monitor all operations, we do everything so that the buyer does not suffer. And we insist that all the necessary information on the refund procedure be on the website of the online store. To facilitate this task, we made several standard information blocks for the online store, from which you can “glue together” the necessary and sufficient content about payment methods, money back procedures, rules for claiming work, contact details of the online store.

    Are different

    The project “”. The main task that we solved for this project is to provide a settlement service on an online platform that attracts buyers and sellers. The site itself does not trade in anything, it allows the buyer to choose the goods supplied by sellers and pay for them, arrange for the delivery of paid goods through their own shopping centers or remote delivery. We provide the opportunity to replenish the buyer's account, transfer money from the buyer to the seller, from one user to another user, provide a convenient refund, keep a history of operations. We give the opportunity to pay from the buyer's account for other services - communications, utility bills, fines, kindergartens, training. Additional services can be paid by credit card, and not just from the internal account of the project, while registration on the service is not required.

    Sitepokupok is engaged in design, improves service, deals with delivery logistics, marketing, i.e. focuses on his business. And we take money into account, provide all users of the site with money management tools, like a credit institution, while ensuring the absolute legitimacy of financial transactions, and provide additional payment services.
    We save the site from the need to spend time and bear the costs of maintaining financial accounting.
    Today we have two standard solutions for online projects to provide a billing platform:
    1. Simplified billing for projects with internal accounts, without the ability to pay in favor of third parties. Payment can be made only to the address of the online store itself.
    2. Full billing for projects with internal accounts, with the ability to make any financial transactions with money, in accordance with the restrictions established by the Internet project and applicable law.

    We connect

    The procedure for connecting and checking for compliance with the conditions is fully automated. After registration, the service will tell you what needs to be done to fulfill our conditions. They are not complicated, there are not many of them. I repeat once again: our requirements are dictated by the need to correctly inform the potential buyer about the terms of payment, their implementation significantly increases loyalty to the online store. And we do not need documents when connecting)).


    Bank cards, payment using banking services, payment through salons, electronic wallets and SMS. When we talk about payment using banking services, we mean the technology of invoicing to Internet banking. The client does not need to enter the purchase data, the seller’s bank details - an invoice for payment with all the data will be available in the Internet bank immediately after placing the order. Payment through salons is convenient for customers using cash - when placing an order, we will send the number that you need to tell the operator in the saloon, pay, information about the payment will be available to the online store immediately after it is made.
    One can not write a lot about payment from wallets - there is hardly a person who does not know what it is.
    Small amounts up to 100 rubles. more willing to pay from mobile phone bills. If the amount is larger, the distribution is as follows: payment by bank cards - approximately 70-80%. Another 15% - banking services. All other payment methods are distributed evenly over the remaining 5-15%.
    The method of payment depends heavily on the specifics of the online store, but always all banks will have bank cards in the first place.

    We charge the

    base rate of the commission when paying from a card that we charge from an Internet project - 2.9%. If the total amount of accepted payments is more than 1 million rubles. per month, the rate is set at 2.7%.
    There is always the opportunity to discuss individual rates.
    For other payment methods, tariffs can be viewed on website. We

    do not limit

    We accept money from cards of individual countries in agreement with the online store. This is related to security. Agree, it will be strange if they try to buy felt boots at a Russian online store from a card issued in Papua New Guinea? Is the payer located in Japan? With the subsequent sending of boots to Honduras? If the online store considers this to be a normal situation for him, we’ll turn it on.


    We have reports on transactions with the status of each transaction for any period of time, with unloading in the accounting system.
    In your personal account online you can see all transactions, make refund operations, generate reports, generate invoices, payment with sending by e-mail, etc.
    If there are several Internet projects, for each of them you can keep a separate account, this is the standard functionality of your personal account.

    Looking to the future

    In our view, in a few years offline trading will be an exhibition of the achievements of the national economy. He came, tried on his shoes or looked at how the refrigerator works and left. And then I ordered and bought via the Internet at producer prices on the manufacturer’s website. Or in an online service that trades at producer prices. And also, most likely, production will be able to ensure the release of goods individually for each buyer. They will buy via the Internet, because of this, the logistics and delivery times will greatly change. Offline trading will remain for spontaneous or urgent purchases. The only question is when will it be: in ten years or twenty? What will be is inevitable. A striking example is the air transportation market: now there are airlines whose tickets can be bought only through the Internet.

    Getting ready

    A few more years and smartphones will finally replace the classic mobile phones. In the smartphone, all the information that is currently on the bank card can be accessed - information about its number, CVV, card expiration date, the smartphone can support the data exchange interface over short distances (for example, NFC). And besides this, there is, of course, the most powerful feedback tool, not only is the smartphone personalized, it also has the ability to determine the location of its owner, all this is sufficient for creating the “right” personalized loyalty system.
    There is a huge "empty" segment of the smartphone payments market - grocery stores, cafes and restaurants, gas stations. You come to the grocery store, pick up the basket, go past the cash register, money is debited from your card (account), the turnstile opens, you exit the store. And the phone will receive a list of completed purchases. Or does not open, do not leave, pay with the usual prehistoric method.
    We want to move in that direction. It is interesting, we have all the necessary knowledge and technology, how to do it.

    Here about it - in detail next time.

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