PC Speaker aka Squeaker vs Windows XP / Vista / 7 x64

    I wanted to write a nasty alarm clock for myself that would work through PC Speaker, because I was reluctant to leave the speakers on all night, but it wasn’t there! It turned out that the speaker support was simply cut out of the 64-bit versions of Windows.

    As it was supposed to "squeak"

    We take a standard function And then we call It would seem, what is difficult? So no, the plague squeaks through the speakers. We climb into MSDN

    public static extern bool Beep(int BeepFreq, int BeepDuration);

    Beep(500, 100);


    Windows Vista x64 and Windows XP 64-Bit Edition: This function is not supported.

    They took and cut out support.

    What is still strange, the device manager believes that there is no corny driver for the speaker, and when you try to update it says that the latest version is already installed.



    I would like to ask the habrasociety whether it is really possible to work around somehow, because there weren’t any solutions in Google. If there is an answer, then you will find a annoying alarm clock as a gift :)

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