BizTalk Server Study Group

    There is such an idea (but for now this is only an idea) to make a study group dedicated to BizTalk. Why this technology? Here are a few reasons:
    • Few people have the competencies in this technology, therefore knowledge (at least superficial) is a trump card in the resume
    • There is a chance to get acquainted with the concept of EDI
    • Can understand B2B protocols and standards
    • You can explore different aspects of the subnet, in particular the Workflow Foundation, WCF, etc.
    • At the same time, you can grab a little domain specificity, for example, from finance.
    I know that the technology is not the most popular, but still, orders in this area also happen (albeit rarely). The format I propose is this - we read some kind of literature (say Foundations of BizTalk ), watch webcasts and labs , then somewhere on the weekend we call up on Skype, share experiences, discuss who achieved what, share custom adapters, and so on.

    If you are interested, check below. Or write in a personal.

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