Windows Phone - squeeze all the juices

    This is a post about the current state of Windows Phone with the installed set of "additional" programs available right now on rooted devices. I will try to talk about functions and applications, which, in my subjective opinion, many do not know. I will not nudge 3 pages about each checkbox, but just briefly go over everything that seemed interesting and little known to me.

    Under the cut a lot of pictures and some text.

    Let's start with the device itself - in my case, this is Samsung Omnia 7 .
    At the same time, there is firmware from Nokia, with windows phone 7.8, so I have such an interesting about screen.

    And here is the miracle of miracles, the squares are of different sizes! A new start screen! True, it has become much more convenient. But also much more difficult to set up. Because Since tiles are of three sizes, sometimes funny situations arise when a hole appears in the set of these oversized tiles and there are not enough “favorite” applications to close it. To be honest, setting up the new main menu probably took me an hour and a half ... While I twisted it all, changed and rearranged it. As a result, I decided to use the smallest tiles as self-fighting groups. For example, 4 small tiles with the weather. Or 4 small tiles with different mails. But I feel that this is still not an ideal arrangement, I still have to twist :)

    And this is how the weather looks like:

    Large people tile, just for example:

    And this is the list of all applications. As you can see, nothing has changed here, except that the green rim around the letters on which the application names begin has disappeared. So for now, the reason why all presentations show nothing further than the home screen is a mystery.

    Many WP users had a problem, but many have it, and many more laugh at WP with it - they say it’s impossible to manually configure APN. Maybe. Nokievskaya Network Setup copes with this fine on my old Samsung.

    Emergency and Broadcast cellular network messages? We can ... But bad. Well, nothing, we’ll learn soon.

    Windows von has a problem - it seems that nothing has been installed, and all the memory has been consumed by someone or something. I myself wondered for a long time where she had gone. It turns out the cache in the dishonest application. Treated by cache cleaner.
    Once, having thoroughly cleaned the cache, I released 1.5 gig :)

    This thing allows the Windows background to connect to the mobile device center of Windows and get a nostalgic shock. (Http://

    Yes, Windows background can also be rebooted or turned off without pressing the hardware buttons. For many, this is somehow important. OK.

    The type of battery can be changed to different wicks with percentages. Everything is like big ones.

    The file system can also be browsed. True, I would not recommend deleting anything ... But you can.

    Well, yes. Yes! You can transfer files via bluetooth. Unbelievable, but it is a fact.

    And you can also accept files. By bluetooth. Everything becomes better if you add bluetooth to it. You can also transfer and install applications to yourself. Just like the heyday of JavaME.

    Of course there is Internet sharing. It turns out that many do not know about this. True, it is worth recognizing that many do not. :) But, in general, he is, yes.

    Exclusive apps? Nah, this is not our way. Although, only Samsung, Nokia and htc have more or less interesting. The rest is slag.

    No albumart on some albums in the collection? We’ll go through everything, we’ll find everything, the albumart will be there! And it will be beautiful.

    Traffic counters, calls, SMS. Apparently they mixed up minutes with seconds, but these are trifles. Do not forget that this is beta, this is the Nokia firmware on the Samsung and the Nokia program.

    Many complained that there was no way to turn off the phone's position sensor. Because of this, for example, lying on your side to read sites is problematic, because Landscaping is turned on. There is, it turns out, such a feature. Probably one of the most frequent things that I use and which by default is sorely lacking.

    You can enable glonass, which I did not have on my phone. Nice, but useless.

    What windows without regedit? Everything is in place. We use, we change keys, we reset hard .

    We give selected applications root access. By analogy with android. Like security and all that :)

    And this thing broadcasts the image from the phone to the PC. Slowly and glitchily, but these screenshots were made from him.

    Many have the problem of accidentally clicking on the search button, which is generally quite useless. This is especially annoying during the game, when a favorite bing pops up in the middle of a responsible mission. Hooray, now you can just turn off this button nafig. Well, or something else, a thread useful to hang on it. Joy.

    Imagine, even SMS can be backed up:

    Yes, right in the cloud, on skydrive.

    For some reason, many people think that you can’t configure static ip in Windows backgrounds. Well, it used to be. But now everything is possible, voila:

    Themes. How many do not add to those, but still use green.

    Here is the variety of colors:

    High technology in action with Translator as an example. Included in the post, because this feature usually produces a wow effect.
    It was like this:

    We thought, worked hard, focused the camera and it was like this:

    Of course, this is far from all.
    For example, I did not talk about the wonderful LockWidgets program. It allows you to display the battery charge, wallpaper from the bing, weather instead of wallpaper. Unfortunately, I just didn’t stand it when I took screenshots, but the program is and works. Or how convenient it is to listen to audiobooks on a Windows background ...

    I hope it was interesting and you learned something new for yourself.

    PS The name of all the programs from the post is at the top of the screenshot. If it is not there, then this is either part of the OS, or I wrote the name in the commentary on the picture.

    PPS As always, I ask fellow minusers to reinforce their indignation with comment!

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