Skype + QIWI

    Now you can pay for Skype in cash at QIWI terminals as easily as to top up your phone - just by entering your (or someone else's) Skypename.

    The account can be replenished with any amount of money of your choice. Money is credited to the account within a few minutes, and then they can be spent as needed, or they can pay for subscriptions to unlimited tariff plans and Skype minute packages. In this case, during the subscription process, you need to select the payment from your Skype Credit account:

    Screen Shot 2012-06-22 at 11.19.53.png

    Users of the QIWI Wallet service will also be able to replenish their Skype account directly through their personal account on website or the QIWI Wallet mobile application.
    Skype Wallet will appear in the QIWI mobile app directory in the next update, but now you can go to the Wallet web version, save the desired payment (amount, name, source of funds) and it will appear in the QIWI Wallet mobile app in the "Favorites" section.
     There is no
    Screen Shot 2012-06-22 at 11.36.08.png

    commission in the terminals at the initial stage, when paying through QIWI Wallet there is no commission in principle.

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