June updates of “Simple Business” - more opportunities for maintaining a customer base and exchange of ideas

    In June, Simple Business became even more convenient thanks to two innovations - expanding the capabilities of a universal table for maintaining a client base, as well as due to the appearance of a new module on the Share Idea website.

    Thanks to updating the universal table, users will be able not only to maintain a customer base, but also to call customers, send them SMS and emails. Taking advantage of this innovation is very simple - just enter the phone numbers in the international format and email addresses into the customer data form. The communication history for each contact will be saved in the system, so you will not forget what you agreed on with a particular client.
    New module “Share an idea” on the website www.prostoy.ruenables users to propose ideas for upgrading the Simple Business program and vote on ideas from other users. You can track the status of ideas, comments of users and developers of the program directly on the site. So, for example, it would be convenient for many to use “Simple Business” on mobile devices, so this summer there will be applications for Android and iPhone, which will make the process of managing the business even more mobile.

    We remind you that the company Simple.Ru offers a service for training and implementation of the Simple Business system . When ordering this service, you get a great bonus - three months of free use of the paid version of the program.

    Use the innovations and share your ideas - your suggestions will be surely taken into account when developing updates!

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