Ministry of Internal Affairs liquidated a network of botnets that infected 6 million computers

    This was reported on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs:

    For the first time in world practice, employees of the Office “K” of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs managed to eliminate several of the largest bot networks ever built based on the so-called “banking trojans”.

    At the time of the detention of the person involved in their creation, the number of infected computers was about 6 million. More than 150 million rubles have been stolen from the accounts of citizens and organizations. Employees of the Office "K" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia "followed the trail" of the attacker for 10 months.

    As a result of the operational-search measures, it was found that 22-year-old young man, widely known in hacker circles under the pseudonyms "Hermes" and "Arashi", was engaged in criminal activity.

    Almost all 6 million infected computers were located in Russia.

    Having received logins, passwords and digital signatures, the attacker made payments on behalf of organizations or citizens to the accounts of shell companies. Subsequently, money was transferred to cards and cashed in ordinary ATMs.

    The hacker invested the money illegally in a luxury house in one of the resort cities of Russia, bought several foreign cars and actively invested in legally operating enterprises.

    A criminal case has been instituted against a young man under three articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation: 159 (fraud), 272 (illegal access to computer information), 273 (creation, use and distribution of malware).


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