The catalog with plugins has become available

    Yesterday, Matt Mullenweg , the founder of WordPress, posted the news on the developer blog that a catalog for plugins was now available. Here is its content:

    One of the great things about WordPress is the sheer amount of good plugins available. If we included all these plugins in the standard WordPress distribution, we would get a very heavy product. Thanks to a well-designed API, people make almost any WP plugins you can imagine.

    This, of course, is good, but all this variety of plugins is useless when there is no place where you can find plugins. Although we provided developers with , it did not provide a user interface for the plugins hosted there.

    Enough! The directory has been updated in our constantly growing section of “extensions”with plugins. Now you can view, download, vote and leave comments on all your favorite plugins. I recommend you go in there and check everything yourself.

    For users, this update means that they now have a place where they can find and download any plug-in for WP, as well as get an idea of ​​the quality and compatibility of the plug-ins.

    The developers got a millionth user audience, free SVN hosting for plugins (distributed under the GPL license), download statistics for their plugins, the ability to post links to their website, as well as the placement of the Donate button.

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