Parents against children consuming mobile content

    The majority of Russians negatively relate to their children consuming mobile content in its various manifestations. To the question “How do you feel about your child using his mobile phone to participate in quizzes, or uploading ringtones, games, pictures to him” 86% of Romir Monitoring respondents answered “very negatively” and “rather negatively”. 1588 people aged 18 years and older took part in an online survey of the researcher, 17% of them have children under the age of 16 years.

    The survey found that 59% of parents provide their children with mobile communications, Romir reports. At the same time, two-thirds of all respondents are willing to pay the operator for restricting access to paid entertainment services. Less than half (42%) of respondents admitted that their child already paid for content for their phone, or participated in money quizzes without the knowledge of their parents.

    Only 14% of Russians do not track a child’s spending on a mobile phone. 7% said that they do not care how active their offspring are in the purchase of mobile content. 4% said that “rather good” refers to the consumption of such services by children.

    According to the results of the study, children of almost half of the respondents spent up to 100 rubles on mobile entertainment. Chad 37% of respondents - up to 500 rubles, 11% - up to 1000.

    Answers to the question “Where did your child get information about the existence of paid mobile content?” distributed as follows:

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