Independent testing showed that Safari is really faster than IE and Firefox.

    The Web Performance testing company conducted independent browser testing and confirmed Apple’s June statement that Safari is faster than Microsoft and Mozilla browsers.

    Michael Czeiszperger, senior manager of Web Performance, decided to determine if Safari 3 for Windows actually works faster (displays web pages faster) than Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2, and if so, how much.

    Michael for two days measured the rendering time of the sixteen most popular sites by rating Alexa in different browsers and at different times. In addition, he measured the rendering time of the pages of the same sites stored on the local server in order to exclude server latency.

    Chaixperger reported that Safari was the fastest browser in all trials.

    However, the differences when downloading from the local server between Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox were minimal. When reloading pages, that is, elements of which were stored in the cache, Safari also led with a barely noticeable margin.

    During the first boot, Safari was 1.1 seconds faster than Internet Explorer 7, and 1.4 seconds faster than Firefox. For sophisticated owners of high-speed Internet access, this may indeed be a noticeable difference, but in principle it is minimal and not at all critical.

    Thus, it turns out that although the Safari browser is not so fast, as claimed by Steve Jobs (who said that Apple’s browser is twice as fast as IE and Firefox one and a half), it is still a leader among Windows browsers. Here, however, it is worth remembering that Web Performance forgot to add Opera to the comparison, which seems to be famous for its speed.

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