The open source market will exceed $ 22 billion in three years

    Analyst Saugatuck Technology predicts that by 2010, the open source market will capture 20% of the entire software industry . That is, every fifth program will be sold under an open license. Analysts call open source a "threat" and believe that this phenomenon can have a devastating effect on the market.

    One way or another, but even detractors admit that the open source market is growing at a frantic pace, namely by 30% per year. Not only the aforementioned agency Saugatuck Technology, but also the reputable Gartner and IDC agree that the OSS sector will grow to tens of billions of dollars by 2010. One of the main growth factors is the increasing popularity of Linux.

    If we add to the indicated $ 22 billion internal open source developments that corporations do for their own needs, then this market can be estimated at $ 41 billion.

    Via The Open Road

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