Most new gTLDs will be closed

    In our previous article, we talked about the fact that the introduction of new top-level domains will not have a strong impact on the Internet due to the large number of domains with closed registration.

    Today, the results of a survey of all applicants for new top-level domains were published, which confirmed our assumptions.

    It turned out that 47% of all applications for new gTLDs (912 of 1930) are applications for closed domains, i.e. their owners will not open in their zones free registration of second-level domains.

    Closed domains are considered: 1) domain-brands and domains of general importance, the right to register in which will have only one company or a small group of companies. 2) domains like the .gov zone, in which registration will be available only to a group of institutions subordinate to the government.

    Zones for registering a domain in which it is required to be a member of a particular community or to fulfill any requirements put forward by its owner are not considered closed domains.

    132 out of 912 applications have competitors applying for the same domain. According to preliminary estimates, ultimately from 795 to 881 closed domains will be registered, which in any case will make up the majority of all new gTLDs: the number of open domain zones can be from 528 to 614 domains. Cases of a possible withdrawal of an application or denial of registration for one reason or another were not taken into account.

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