New for web designer for September 2012

    I made a small selection of new useful materials for web designers for September 2012. I hope it will be useful to the Khabrovites.

    Useful Services is a great prototyping service right in your browser.

    Fluid UI is a similar service for prototyping mobile applications.

    CSSFilterLab - A visual application of CSS filters from Adobe.

    On / Off FlipSwitch - generator of beautiful CSS switches. is an assistant in creating beautiful infographics. is a convenient service for checking responsive design at different screen resolutions.

    Golden Grid System is a convenient grid for testing responsive design.

    Free buns

    Jarallax is a free js library for implementing a beautiful parallax effect. Example of use is on the site DoubleGIS

    tiltShift.js - the jquery-plugin for beautiful rollover-effects.

    Casper Typeface is a very high-quality free font by Mikhail Chereda .

    SlickMap CSS is an unusual way to display a sitemap using CSS.

    An excellent selection of UX / UI works on Pinterest.

    Entertaining - a selection of copyright redesigns of popular sites from different web designers.

    Also popular now: