How I chose a copywriter using the hedgehog method - and how much does it cost to write trash and waste

    The fact is that the store with kefir is two blocks from my house in Astrakhan. It was getting dark early in the fall, the poppy population doubled in the streets, and therefore we went there for reliability in a small crowd. So, when they returned, Stas saw a hedgehog. In November. Crossing the road. And, just in case, I caught it.

    We are considering. Hedgehog is not a tenant. Too thin, not fattening, there is no nest - and indeed crawling out into the local warming of November before the first snow was not a good idea. “Well, if you want to save, hold it,” Stas tore off the ball from his knitted glove.

    In the evening, I almost killed the beast with milk out of ignorance (pictured). And then he found out at once a lot and suddenly. Now I’ll tell you what this has to do with choosing a copywriter and writing normal texts in general.


    I myself worked in freelance as a copywriter with a technical bias. And I know all this kitchen very well. Therefore, in particular, in each job I write that SEO experience is considered traumatic to the brain. The story is that for Mosigra and other projects about once a year, you need to select a new rider who can cope with the description of the goods.

    The market is such that there are incredibly many young mothers in it, most of whom wrote essays at school, and now they sit at home and earn this important skill. Plus, people who have learned to write grandiloquently and in a corporate way - they put the price tag higher. Plus mythical normal writers who are adequate, expensive and always 100% loaded.

    Due to the lack of reasonable offers, the procedure for finding a freelancer is very simple. First, any adequate person from the region is searched (since the vacancy is remote, and the prices between Moscow and the regions differ by an order of magnitude), then he learns to write as we need. Depending on the project, it is “sharpened” for the format.

    There are three problems:
    1. Almost everyone drives some incredible blizzard either in the spirit of SEO for bots, or as junior lieutenants of the police in the reports.
    2. There is no clear pricing - a high price tag and a bunch of reviews does not mean at all that the writer is good. The portfolio decides on the effectiveness of the texts, and no one has it. I repeat, a writer can work 5-6 years and not know if his texts work. He just writes and writes, they pay him. Growth - no feedback either.
    3. Adequate people loaded.

    Life test

    But back to the story. While the beast was gnawing a box from the package, I began to connect to the human knowledge base about hedgehogs.

    Noname-1 at that moment got accustomed and began to sniff milk slowly. I remember that I still looked at him and was surprised that he only washes his face, but does not drink.

    After 10 minutes of searching, the following was revealed:
    • Milk is categorically impossible for him, there is a chance to break all digestion.
    • Yes, a hedgehog, most likely, from a late litter, and evolutionary selection here and now will not be completely regular.
    • There is a good chance to save him if you help equip him with a nest and feed him. If the weather lasts 2 weeks warm, he will gain weight.

    He had chances only at someone's dacha. And not more than 60% in my estimation. I did not have a summer house, plus I had to leave in a couple of days.

    The next step was to write a text for the regional forum so that the hedgehog would be taken away . The announcement was supposed to solve three problems: hand over the hedgehog to a good person, make sure that the person fed him and looked after these 2 weeks, plus warn about all possible jambs. In general, as a vacancy, it is immediately necessary to show both the worst and the best sides without embellishment. And choose one person.

    It was such a text just for such a situation (with the amendment that it was not a forum, but social networks) I ordered from the writers for the test. There is a hedgehog. Found yesterday. True, since it was often in the summer, he transferred the action to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk or Petropavlovsk, where winter is near.

    To understand what to do, you need to go through the following steps in sequence:
    • Work with facts - collect data about animals and what you want from a person.
    • Understand that the goal is not to surrender a hedgehog, but to provide the greatest chance of survival.
    • Stretch the time line for the future owner and explain the basics of hedgehog ownership.
    • Fit into the format of social networks.
    • To understand that the text is not self-sufficient - there may be a photo.
    • Do not forget the sale itself - even if you want to pick it up after the text, and the next step is not indicated (for example, call this number, I will bring it to you at 8:50 tomorrow in a box with holes) - all the drama is wasted.
    • Form already given facts (history) in the desired sequence and make a good headline.

    Important point

    Mikhail, the founder of the exchange (a great guy from Germany, he also did, asked me to see what he had and how it was inside with quality. This is not the first time we have been working with him, and he gave me carte blanche for orders inside the exchange. In short, he is the sponsor of today's topic and experiment as a whole, for which many thanks.

    I placed dozens of personal orders about hedgehogs, forming them so that each writer saw only his part, that is, I thought that the order was not in a pack, but the only one, and it was he who was chosen as the most suitable performer. There are writers on the exchange from 2 bucks for 1000 characters (this is pure SEO-texts) to “bison” with 20 bucks for 1000. I repeat, I know the exchange’s internal cuisine very well, because I have been earning there for a long time - and I was sure that I’m sure to find someone.

    Orders were placed in four samples:
    1. Performers at different levels that I personally liked about the choice. Emulation of an attentive customer.
    2. Random performers at different levels for representativeness.
    3. The first to take on different levels are regulars.
    4. And plus, I asked a friend who worked with the exchange as a customer for about six months to list the best, in her opinion, specialists. She gave six names.

    In parallel, koterina compiled a list of freelancers with a price approximately in the market and began to circumvent them with a similar test order. Here she paid. Out of 40 people, only eight took him to execution.

    By the way, here is the answer from a rider with a price of $ 15 per 1000 characters (the grammar is saved): “I'm sorry, I work with enterprises and write for industrial sites, and rinsing my brain with nonsense on social networks is not mine. even test. I’m even surprised that they came up with such a topic for the test - any student will write it. ”

    In short, not any.

    The first portion was placed around 21-22 pm. I got the first result in half an hour, the last - in a day. Katya threw me a summary of the found writers after three days.


    Rare breed dwarf dog
    Achtung! A rare breed dwarf dog was found. Special features: sharp muzzle, bead eyes, needles instead of wool. He does not know how to bark. Instead of barking, it publishes a quiet “fır-fır”. Without a collar. The owner does not respond, so give in good hands (mother-in-law is allergic to small animals).

    When I say that the Reiter does not think about the result - I'm serious. 250 rubles / 1000.

    Who will help the hedgehog?
    On Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Street a few days ago I found a cute little hedgehog. The animal is very weak and thin, so it will not be able to survive the coming winter, which will come in a couple of weeks. I would love to help a small prickly lump, but my wife is categorically against it, so I am looking for a person who can take care of the hedgehog. To do this, it is enough to fatten it for a month and then dig a nest somewhere in the country, which will allow you not to freeze in winter (there will be no problems with food, since the hedgehog is a picky animal and will be completely happy with pieces of chicken).
    I hope that it will be possible to find sensitive human hands that want to spend a little time and really help the little hedgehog, who will bring a lot of joy and pleasure to the children with his snort.

    The title does not take into account the banal features of human psychology. You can never make an appeal in Broadcast, you need a personal one. “Please help the hedgehog. Yes, you personally ”is much stronger. Next is the factual error that there will be no problems with the feed. Will be. And that is important. I repeat, the ultimate task is not to sell the hedgehog, but to make it survive. In this case, I'm afraid some child will take it. I paid for this one and a half bucks, it seems.

    Attention! His life is in your hands !!!
    I appeal to all not indifferent! It does not matter if you are a specialist or not, you can actually save the life of a living creature!
    The hedgehog found in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky needs urgent help. Now he has only a temporary shelter, and he needs reliable and caring hands!
    The fact is that winter can begin at any moment, and therefore the hedgehog needs additional protection: at the moment it does not have enough fatty layer, in addition, it does not have enough strength to independently prepare a warm nest for itself - this must be done by its savior!
    Everything is simple - the hedgehog only needs to provide good nutrition (it will take about a month to feed, no more), it is possible to make the right nesting place for it, and its life will be out of danger! The hedgehog needs home warmth and care, this will be enough to make him stronger and live his long, happy, hellish life!

    Three exclamation points are an instant sign of tantrum for me. Too few details, just a set of emotional phrases. To make a decision, you need to ask questions, but the hedgehog does not have this luxury. Past.

    Still suffering from loneliness?
    But your friend has long been waiting for you! Hurry to warm the heart of a small, kind, but already endured many tests, hedgehog! He has a difficult character, but if you can please him, he will give you all his love and tenderness. Pet - a hedgehog is extremely popular today. Be in trend! Make yourself a little prickly friend.

    This is a freelance writer, 200 rubles per 1000. About the trend - this is, apparently, a tweak to the audience of social networks.

    Help the hedgehog!
    A thorny, but very kind charm fell into our hands by chance, and we were not ready for this. Having fallen in love with a small lump of happiness, we, unfortunately, cannot allow him to stay at our place, since there is no one to look after him. Therefore, we are looking for the same cheerful owners, like him, ready to share their home with a stomping tomboy! He tolerates bathing with understanding, drinks milk with a snort, and grabs the sausage from his hands with greed. Amenable to training and development of intelligence.
    Requirements: be kind, responsible, do not be lazy to respond with affection and love. Match the description? In this case, we will gladly give the treasure with needles into your hands!

    Well, I would definitely order reusable diapers here. Seriously, audience sharpening is good. But the hedgehog is still upon expectation of the dead.

    Urgently need a man!
    Do you want to make yourself a real, wild beast? To test yourself and to tame it enough to eat from your hands and lap up milk from a saucer that you bring? Have you been dreaming about caring for someone for a long time and am ready to cope with difficulties in order to complete the mission?
    Here and now, you have a chance to save the life of someone who likes millions of people. Everyone wants to have such a pet, but today you are the one who will be able to take it for yourself.
    What kind of pet is this?
    This is a hedgehog. And he needs your help. I found him on the street a few days ago, thin and exhausted, but for a number of personal reasons I can’t continue to take care of him. He himself will not survive until winter and die when the first frosty day arrives in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. And this will happen very soon, in September.
    I ask for help from someone who is ready to shelter a hedgehog in his country house, in a private or country house. To someone who will help him dig a nest and survive the frosts.
    In return, you will receive a loyal cute creature that can become a hero of popular YouTube videos and just a favorite of the whole family.
    I hope you can help me ...
    Call: X (ХХХ) ХХХ-ХХ-ХХ

    I call such texts "telemarket." They do not work at all, but are very popular with customers. Reiter simply does not have the ability to see the conversion. But, pay attention, the performer tried as much as she could. And emotions did not obscure the fact that you need to specify the phone. Viva. Seriously, this shows what a person thought.

    Just imagine:
    It’s cold for a little Hedgehog in the “winter”,
    Who would take a baby under its wing ...
    In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, a city where winter begins with the first steps of September, a tiny Hedgehog curled up in a dank street. “And it is raining in Kamchatka, on the edge of the sky ...”, so I could not pretend that I did not see anything. I went down to him, squatting next to him. Thought: scared, run away from the park-field-forest, but no ...

    I did not understand any of this. But the same artist sent the strongest headline in the series: "I really feel sorry for the Hedgehog ...". If you cut out the capital letter and the ellipsis, it will be better.

    We are looking for a house for a hedgehog
    Good day! I appeal to everyone who is partial to the fate of the little hedgehog.
    Found him on the street - miserable and thin. Our Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is not very happy with the warmth and with the advent of autumn, a real winter can begin here. Unfortunately, circumstances do not allow to settle a hedgehog at home, and he really needs protection.
    I ask you to respond to those who can take responsibility for the fate of the spiny foundling and help the hedgehog winter. Hedgehogs usually hibernate by mid-November, but in order to wake up healthy and continue their existence, their weight must be at least 600 g - otherwise the animal simply will not tolerate winter. Therefore, first of all, he needs to help gain normal weight.
    We really hope that there is someone who can put a hedgehog in the country and provide him with a reliable shelter for wintering.

    There is a touch of formality in the "looking for a house." Such stories should be as specific as possible - “looking for”. Next is also a variable about the time of day. “With the advent of autumn, a real winter can begin” - thanks, cap, I understand what I wanted to say, but the wording was a little disappointing. The second half is good. It can be seen that the person prepared theoretically, there are numbers, motive, very good CTA, a clear understanding of the goal. In long texts, I think she opens up and writes great. But to start shy, my short format is not about her. It was worth 5 bucks.

    I ask those who love animals and are willing to take a temporary hedgehog to respond. The situation is this - when we walked we found a hedgehog - in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Videzhika is unhealthy and painful. Winter with us can begin in October and even at the end of September, and the prickly animal we found is clearly not ready for wintering. We can’t keep him at home and ask for help from those who have a summer house and who are willing to devote part of their time to caring for the poor spiny animal (periodically inviting a veterinarian to it). We are looking for a reliable person with a good heart, who has the opportunity and desire to look after a hedgehog and has a warm place where he can survive the winter. The hedgehog weighs little, so it needs good nutrition. We are looking for a responsible person, remembering that "we are responsible for those we tamed."

    One phrase “the look of the hedgehog is unhealthy and painful” will immediately make you think that this prickly creature is rebooting the whole family. Periodically inviting a veterinarian to him is a complete stitch.

    Help save the hedgehog
    Friends! In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky a hedgehog was found on the street. The animal is very exhausted and on its own will not have time to accumulate enough fat in the cold to safely fall into hibernation. Meanwhile, in our area, frost can come on any day of September, which means death for the animal, which during a long winter sleep will simply die of starvation. Keeping a hedgehog at home also does not work, as close ones are against.
    In general, we are urgently looking for caring people who can take our hedgehog, settle it in their country house and fatten almost any human food for a month. In addition, the hedgehog must be properly dug in the nest, to insulate it with dry leaves, grass and moss, so that the animal is guaranteed to survive frosts.
    Help save the hedgehog! Both we and our prickly foundling will be very grateful to all who responded.

    This is a great example of a well-working text that will never be chosen by the customer, because it looks too standard. But this is exactly what is needed. Please note that in the end we are already building a nest together: this is a very good extension of the time line, it works like an immersion effect. 6 bucks.

    I'll give Hedgehog in warm hands
    Little Hedgehog is cold “in winter”,
    Who would take a baby under his wing ...


    In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky - a city where winter crosses through the fall before September has time to take its first steps - on a dank street, curled up in a ball a tiny little body, lurking a tiny little Hedgehog.

    Would you be able to pass by such a gentle, but already barely warm belly, dressed in a gray Christmas tree "with a needle" with a touch of green melancholy? Personally, I could not. Especially after I saw that the thorns of this baby became completely defenseless.

    Agree, each of us at least once in a lifetime, if not with the body, so with the soul, like this, “cringed”. So I took him to my house. But, unfortunately, I can’t leave him. And the Hedgehog is too weak to survive the winter on the street.

    The kid needs care. It must be fattened, sheltered, for example, in the country, so that it is strong in the spring. Such a miracle will definitely not bring much trouble, but it will give a lot of pleasant emotions. Therefore, I beg you: “Take it in your warm hands!”

    This is an essay, not a text for a task. But here is another point. Reiter understood that the text for social networks is not only letters, and showed in addition to the text which photos should be attached. This is a very strong move, or rather, going beyond the standard template. Viva.


    We are looking for a new home for a hedgehog!
    Help the hedgehog from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky! We found him on the street, but we can’t leave him in our apartment. We don’t want to let loose either: he’s very thin, he won’t be able to walk the fat necessary for a successful wintering on his own, but in September winter may come!
    Settle the hedgehog in your dacha! All you need is to feed him a little and help with the arrangement of the nest. The hedgehog eats dry and wet pet food and enjoys fruit (no need to give milk!). He can winter in a heap of dry foliage or in any secluded corner of the garden. You can make a small house of boards with free access and ventilation. It must be well insulated with straw, foliage and moss.
    Your care will allow the hedgehog to overwinter safely, and from spring it will take care of the garden: it will not allow insect pests and slugs to breed, it will drive off mice, voles and snakes from the site.

    There were several similar texts, but here, pay attention - the only person who did not kill the hedgehog with milk. A very accurate description of the future nesting. Trying to sell a hedgehog with utility is not the best - but no one else has tried it. Add here about 600 grams and the best title - and you can publish. 8 bucks.

    Since the writers who are freelance freelancers knew that there was no hedgehog, I can’t say anything about feedback and emotional involvement. They didn’t know the text brokers - and about half of the exchange knocked on the PM with questions, specified that two girls wrote a week later to ask whether it worked out or not. In general, they participated vividly. Before the writers, I apologized for my dirty innuendo and told me that this is a test.

    Yes, there was another good heading: “Save the hedgehog, ahead of the cold!”.

    There were still good ideas, different. There was a post on behalf of the hedgehog. There was a heading “Small. Barbed. Your". There was an infinitely good post from St. Petersburg for 100 rubles (although without a CTA), but it was very lucky with the writer.

    Second iteration of selection

    The second series of tests was for a real commercial problem. We have a 7 on 9 game, which is distinguished by the fact that it is very difficult to explain in letters. I ordered her description for the online store from several writers. The peculiarity is that there are only three good sources - our Mosigra website with our description, the text of the rules (PDF for download) and the text from the box on the manufacturer’s website. Plus some reviews on forums and blogs, but without any specifics, for their own.

    The results were very clearly divided into two categories: $ 2 and $ 4 for 1000 made a rewrite of one degree or another (100% unique, but in fact - tracing paper from our text). I asked whether it was a rewrite or an independent text, and asked to indicate the source. I was told that independent. Starting from $ 6 for 1000 characters, the writers thought and really got into the rules - I can say this for sure on the basis of knowledge of mechanics. Somewhere along this border of $ 6- $ 10 passes a good price for the descriptions on the site. Above, everything is bad: the result is the same as $ 10, just more show-offs. Well, or people were afraid to do something non-standard, the market learned.


    I found three people I’m ready to order. Two on the stock exchange, one indie. Those two will not go anywhere from the exchange, and there is a reserve in case of urgent need, vacation or illness. The coolest thing is the knowledge that you can simply drop the order and get the result in a day without any foreplay and cheating. Curiosity is satisfied, personnel reserve is found.

    In normal times, without pre-search, you can throw orders on the exchange for $ 20/1000 and know that everything will be fine (there are about a dozen writers of this level, and it’s easy to choose through the manager or with your hands). But in this case, the winners took 6 and 10 bucks for 1000 characters, which is much more profitable. Just keep in mind that Michael knows according to the results who wrote the best text and can increase the pay for this person.

    For the market as a whole, I have an idea on the basis of this test and a couple of similar ones, plus general feelings, plus two permanent vacancies placed in the office (interview: “I wrote 40 thousand characters a day for three months for women's sites” - “Oooh. Ahhh . Nothing happened to your head? ”-“ Everything is fine, the MRI even did it, here’s the reference ”). IMHO, practical advice is. Firstly, SEO and rewriting - all up to 6 bucks, in a 6-10 plug - normal writers. You can find a good specialist for a large order and for 4, but it is difficult. Secondly, the percentage of randomness is very, very incredibly high. The order may freeze for a week, because the freelancer took something else large, left, forgot, scored, got sick and so on. I would advise you to work with clear bonuses for the term, or with the team (when someone is smart manager, but at the same time when he understands that you worked together - increases the price) or, again, with the exchange through their manager. Well, either just keep the contacts of those who will help out. On exchanges and in teams there is a more or less clear pricing based on real events. Indie writers put a price on downloads and ads, there’s always a chance to find a shy diamond or run into a school essay or a telemarket for $ 20 per 1,000.

    That is, efforts will have to be made as much as the search for a developer. And the stories are roughly similar. And the market - both those who do not understand anything and the gurus can come. Only the developer has a clear metric of their results, and the guru knows that he is a guru. And the rider does not have an objective assessment.

    Now if you are a Reiter and you have a Butchert . Tell me, have you ever tried to take a topic, write text on it, and then order the same from others? 100 bucks for the region - half pay, I understand. But it pays off in a maximum of a week. Give it a try. Well, or ask your beloved customer for conversion data from your texts and make him a couple more versions for free.


    Yes. The next morning our hero was taken by the beautiful girl Squirrel and placed him in a nest near the dacha with diligence, exactly according to the instructions. Warm weather lasted another 3 weeks. We don’t know what happened to this single hedgehog, but there at the dacha the next year the hedgehog family began to dissect.

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