Project Soli: typing with Google’s finger radar

    In May last year, Google showed several interesting new products at the Google I / O event. One of the novelties was the Project Soli mini-radar , which changes the principle of human interaction with an electronic device. Work on the project has been going on all this time, and now the test batch of systems has reached the testers.

    One of them is engineer Alex Bravo (Alex Bravo). He is developing a new type of keyboard, and Project Soli came in handy. Bravo recently posted a video on YouTube demonstrating how he types on a screen of his smartphone, simply fingering in the air.

    Earlier, Alex Bravo uploaded a prototype video of his wireless keyboards, Twiddler. The new project is called SoliType, for typing with it you just need to place your hand over Project Soli and perform certain movements with your fingers and brush.

    It may well be, incidentally, that the video violates the terms of the contract with Google, so the video may soon disappear from the video hosting. But so far, everything is working, and watching the typing process is quite interesting. To work with such a "keyboard" you need certain skills, of course. But with proper dexterity, typing can be very fast. Probably, the system can be used for typing on the PC display, and not just with a smartphone. Well, while we are waiting for the new results of the Project Soli tests.

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