Facebook doubled anti-hacker prize

    Facebook doubled the award for developers and information security experts for detecting vulnerabilities in the code of the advertising system of its network. So far, the average premium for detecting a bug has been $ 500, now the payout is increasing to $ 1000.

    The decision to allocate more money to the prize fund to promote White Hats, ”followed a series of checks conducted by Facebook security experts.

    A number of vulnerabilities were identified during the checks, but in-house experts wanted to engage in an informal audit, not excluding the possibility that independent testers might discover what they might have missed.
    Along with this, the company published 4 parts of instructions for White Hackers, which will help them to report vulnerabilities faster and easier and, accordingly, receive their rewards.

    Facebook security specialist Colin Green wrote in his blog that the minimum “double tariff” will be valid until the end of 2014.

    The Bounty Volunteer Hacker Program was established in 2011. Since then, more than $ 3 million has been paid in remuneration to White Hats.

    Facebook uses the advertising manager, advertising API and the Insights realtime statistics system as advertising tools.

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