Idea for social networks: "Rumor"

    Somehow I was visited by the thought that some of the information from  a user’s profile on a social network can be made jointly editable - not only you, but also your “friends” (and you want any crooks) can write or edit something in your profile your record. And you can subsequently edit yourself what they wrote to you ... Today, the idea shot after it:
    “... or you can’t . Part of your profile information is the opinion of others about you, which you cannot directly change. In order not to think “shit” with impunity, the opinion is not impersonal, the names of the editors are indicated. But you are not able to delete or change this information itself, just as you are not able to get rid of the rumor following you just like that. ”

    A bit gloomy, but, in my opinion, quite fresh. And then, if we distract ourselves from the opportunity to spit deliciously in the back, not every nugget specialist in setting up “tsisok” will write to himself like that in his profile. For many, their talents are taken for granted, they live with it every day and do not even think about advertising their abilities. But people who owe other people's talents can both emphasize and advertise them.
    PS Brutal modification, complete cyberpunk and anti-utopia - rumors about you are not visible to you ! That is, others can read what they think about you, but you can’t! Uhhh, Kisslot-ah!

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