Firefox 33 Release

    Firefox for desktops is now available for download. Key innovations: (and again) optimization of memory consumption, Off Main Thread for Windows, OpenH264 integration, various improvements in the search in the address bar, increased stability of session recovery, etc. The list of all changes in Firefox 33 under a cat.

    • The mechanisms for storing JavaScript strings and processing string data have been optimized , which has reduced memory consumption and increased performance of string operations:

    • Added support for the H.264 video codec (in the sandbox) due to the use of the OpenH264 library opened by Cisco ;
    • For Windows, Off Main Thread Compositing (OMTC) is enabled by default ;
    • Improvements were made to the search in the address bar (for example, search tips were added on the pages about: home and about: newtab);
    • Improved stability of recovery sessions;
    • Added a new backend for Content Security Policy;
    • Support for connecting to HTTP proxies using HTTPS;
    • Proprietary properties and functions of window.crypto removed;
    • Support for the JavaScript Debugger Service in favor of the Debugger API has been discontinued (MDN article - eng , Russian );
    • Implemented DOMMatrix interface;
    • Implemented @ counter-style rule from CSS3 Counter Styles specification;

    Firefox developer tools

    • Slightly changed animation for all windows that open in Firefox ( sounds a little “crooked”, I don’t know how to write more clearly and accurately) ;
    • Added localization to Azerbaijani [az]
    • Fixed an issue where incomplete downloads were marked as completed by detecting a violation of data transfer via HTTP 1.1


    Russian versions:
    Windows: online installation / offline installation of
    OS X

    English versions:
    Windows: online installation / offline installation of
    OS X

    All changes in Firefox 33 for developers

    Firefox 32 release

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