25 PHP developers to subscribe to

This article is a translation of 25 PHP Developers to Follow Online .

Creating PHP frameworks is a tough job, but keeping track of their development and the activities of the committers on Twitter is very simple. If you want to see in which direction the PHP community is moving, what is the trend right now and what tools are used in advanced projects, just look, subscribe to these people.

Here is a list of 25 PHP developers to subscribe to. I hope that you find their experience useful and you will definitely use it for yourself.

1. Rob Allen. Contributor to Zend Framework , Member of the Board of Zend Framework Education, and Co-author of Zend Framework in Action . Creator of Nineteen Feet.

2. Sebastian Bergmann. Pioneer of automated testing in PHP. Creator of the PHPUnit testing framework and co-founder of thePHP.cc .

3. Jordi Boggiano. Lead Composer Developer . Participates in the development of Symfony2. Partner at Nelmio .

4. Dries Buytaert. Creator and leader of the Drupal project . President of the Drupal Association. Co-founder and CTO at Acquia .

5. Angela Byron. One of Drupal's core maintainers and director of community development at Acquia . Recipient of the Best Contributor Award for Google-O'Reilly Open 2008 Source, and co-author of Using Drupal .

6. Evan Coury. Certified engineer in PHP 5.3 and Zend Framework, regular speaker at development conferences. The creator of Roave .

7. Cal Evans. Architect. GetPantheon Developer Representative .

8. Anthony Ferrara. A developer with expertise in security, performance, and OOP. Developed a new, more secure password API in PHP 5.5 .

9. Ed Finkler. A member of the Fictive Kin team , works at the Gimme Bar and other products. Creator of Open Sourcing Mental Illness, a community-based awareness raising and understanding campaign for mental illness. Co-host of the podcast Development Hell . Created Spaz , the PHPSpecInfo audit tool, and the Inspekt library for PHP.

10. Larry Garfield. Architect at Palantir . He is also involved as the lead Drupal 7 database architect and web services leader at Drupal 8. Co-author of Drupal 7 Module Development .

11. Sarah Golemon. Facebook engineer working on HHVM . Wrote libssh2 and (as written on her page) "a significant piece of the Yahoo! search frontend." Posted by Extending and Embedding PHP .

12. Andi Gutmans. Co-author of PHP 3 and the Zend engine, developer of the PHP4 core. Co-founder and CEO of Zend Technologies . Co-author of PHP 5 Power Programming .

13. Emma Jane Hogbin. Drupal is a developer, the themiser, and open-source geek. Co-author of Front End Drupal and author of the Drupal User's Guide .

14. Rasmus Lerdorf. PHP creator.

15. Matthew Weier O'Phinney. Open-souce software architect. PM in Zend Framework . Certified zend engineer and member of the Zend Education Advisory Board. Speaker and writer.

16. Taylor Otwell. Created by Laravel .

17. Nikita Popov. Student of Berlin Technical University. The maintainer of a PHP parser written in PHP , and the co-promoter of PHP 5.5 features, such as generators and coroutines , supports arbitrary values ​​in empty () .

18. Fabien Potencier. Co-founder and CEO of SensioLabs . Founder and leader of the Symfony project .

19. Derick Rethans. PHP engineer and evangelist at MongoDB, author of Xdebug . Posted by php / architect's Guide to Data and Time Programming . Co-author of PHP 5 Power Programming .

20. Lukas Smith. Symfony Developer. PHP and PEAR contributor . Programmer and partly manager at Liip .

21. Marco Tabini. Vice President TelemetryApp . Since December 2012 he has been working with php | architect , writes excellent publications for PHP developers.

22. Juan Treminio. An experienced PHP / MySQL web developer from Mytrus . His work on PuPHPet makes a huge contribution to the development of the community.

23. Jonathan Wage. Director of Technology, OpenSky.com . Contributor Doctrine and Symfony .

24. David Walsh. The web developer at Mozilla is also the core programmer of MooTools ,

25. Igor Wiedler. Contributor Symfony2, Silex and Composer . Former team lead of phpBB project .

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26. Benjamin Eberlei. Developer Doctrine.

27. Bernhard Schussek. Symfony developer (specifically Symfony Forms).

28. William Durand. Developer Propel.

29. Mathias Verraes. Popular speaker at Agile and PHP conferences.

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30. Phil Sturgeon. ex-founder of PyroCMS, lead developer at Ride, a voting member of PHP-FIG.

31. Marco Pivetta. A software consultant at RoaveTeam, a member of the doctrine2 core team, a member of the ZF2 core team, helps develop symfony (sometimes).

32. Matthias Noback. Dutch PHP / Symfony2 developer.

33. Jeremy Mikola. Most of the time he works on the PHP driver for MongoDB and Doctrine MongoDB ODM.

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