Flexible project and product management

    I think many on Habrahabr are familiar with Boris Wolfson's blog . We were lucky to collaborate with Boris and make a wonderful book - Flexible project and product management .

    The book is available in print and electronic form - PDF and EPUB. When buying a “live” book, you also get electronic versions (the bonus is valid only after payment is confirmed). And also during the week, our site has a 20% discount on the books section - Careers in the IT industry . The coupon code is 2c4590fd98eca723 .


    If you are interested in flexible project management and product development methodologies, then this practical guide is ideal for you. Boris Wolfson has been working in this field for many years, and in this book he shares his experience that can change your work, your approach to working in your IT team, and eventually throughout your company.

    This differs from other similar books by two factors: a combination of theory and practice and a description of the most diverse aspects of creating products from management to development and analytics. The theoretical part of project and product management describes the current state of the Scrum methodology and the basics of Kanban. The practical part is dedicated to business modeling, requirements management, requirements analysis, team management, timing, risk management, development engineering practices (mostly from extreme programming), quality control and quality assurance, Scrum implementation and scaling.

    Start practicing agile methodologies to successfully manage projects and create products!

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    Table of Contents

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