How to keep a customer: 5 great examples from email marketing

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Today everyone is engaged in mailing and do it for one simple reason - mailing lists work. But what letters do you write to customers specifically to convince them to come back and buy something else?

None? That's it. And you are not the only ones.

Keeping a customer is a difficult task, and understanding how you can achieve this with emails will immediately affect your bottom line.

What is retention?

It can be measured by determining the percentage of customers who make repeat purchases. This is the flip side of a parameter showing the portion of your clientele that is not making repeat purchases with you.

There are many factors that influence retention, and the main ones, in my opinion, are as follows:

1. Attracting the “right” customers. You should strive to get as many “ideal” customers as possible. An ideal customer is one that maximizes the benefits of your product or service. He is loyal, he tends to become attached to what he liked for a long time.
2. Activation.The fact that the client has somehow come into contact with your business does not mean that he will actually buy something. This is especially true for the world of online software: if someone wants to download a free test version, this does not mean that you caught him. You must ensure that each user actually performs the target action or actions that will turn him into an active client. If you make customer activation a priority, it will increase your chances of retaining them.
3. Follow up. Even if you got the right customers and quickly activated them, it is extremely important to continue to monitor those who become inactive and invite them to return, convince them to continue using your program or make another purchase.To maximize retention, you'll have to spend a lot of time convincing customers not to leave.

So, when you all realized this, what will you say about how to use email to increase retention?

1. Dropbox Activation Letter

For Dropbox , if there is no installation, then there is no business. You will never turn into their client, who pays year after year if you do not install Dropbox, which is why this company devotes so much time to convince you of the need for installation.

Here is the letter that Dropbox sends a few days after registering the client, if he has not installed the program:

Smart, simple and to the point. Such “activation letters” should be sent to users if they have not completed the targeted action.
How to repeat the success of this campaign

1. Decide on the key action metric. For example, for Twitter this is when the client has followed more than 30 accounts, for Vero (the trigger email service) when the client has sent his first email, etc.
2. If the user has not performed an action within three days after registration, write to him.
3. Do what is called a call to direct action, and arrange everything so that the client can just get help.

2. Educational letters SocialWOD

SocialWOD helps fitness trainers keep track of their clients' daily activities. SocialWOD CEO has realized that users must realize the benefits of the product before they are ready to become customers.

To do this, he created a series of 6 emails that were sent out over 21 days. They were dedicated to telling fitness trainers about SocialWOD and how its features are useful. This was not a direct sale, people just got advice on issues that they may have, gradually imbued with the understanding that buying SocialWOD will simplify their life!

Here are the headers of these six letters:

  • Do not just train, but create a community.
  • Praise the wards for achievements - and they will return.
  • Just call the customer if he is missing. He will be grateful for the reminder.
  • Facebook as word of mouth is a powerful growth tool.
  • Help clients set goals and achieve them - and they will reach you.
  • Other resources for your classes + conclusion.

How to repeat the success of this campaign

You are an expert in your business. You think of him day and night. Compose 5-8 letters, share useful and instructive stories related to your business area for free, and send these letters to clients.

3. Amazon Review Letters

Amazon is just an email marketing ideas generator. They have some of the most thoughtful campaigns in the world, so, of course, it makes sense to take an example from them.

Amazon pays a lot of attention to the “retention” (return) of the user, so that he again made a purchase on . The return of the client leads to the fact that the total cost of attracting a client is reduced, and this, of course, is in the hands of business.
Every time you buy a book on Amazon through the Kindle, you get something like this:

Why is this tactically correct?

1. Because this is how customers are lured to the Amazon website, even if they first interacted with it through the Kindle. On the site they will see the whole range of offers, not only about digital books.
2. And no, this is not a direct sale of goods . This is a clear and understandable letter that simply prompts you to take a key action - to evaluate the book .

How to repeat the success of this campaign

Select customers who have already bought something from you, and ask them to review or give their assessment. This is not just good, for online commerce it is natural , and leads to the fact that customers will return to your site for new purchases.

Organize a similar campaign, it will take you several hours, but the number of "retained" customers will grow steadily.

4. Flightfox comeback emails

Flightfox is a crowdsourced flight search engine. They are tied to information, and emails mean almost everything to them.

Only regular mailings helped them increase sales by 10%, and now in Flightfox send an email to those customers who have previously traveled.

This email turns users into repeat customers with an efficiency of around 3%. It is simply unbelievable that a single email can give such an effect.

How to repeat the success of this campaign

On which section of your sales funnel can you convince a customer to make a repeat purchase? Find this place and make it so that upon reaching it, the user would automatically be sent a letter reminding you that you are and that you are interested in returning it.

Expert advice: Experiment with sentences and texts. It may be very useful to offer a small bonus to first-time customers to encourage them to re-buy more effectively, and loyal users (who have made three or more purchases) can be just a reminder.

5. Weekly HelpJuice webinar

Emil is the founder of HelpJuice service , which helps entrepreneurs automate the work of a support service , based on a developed knowledge base.

Emil sends many different letters to the users of the free trial version, but the most effective of these emails is the following:

Topic: You MUST attend this webinar: Effective tactics that reduced the number of calls to support by 1 million and made users happier

Hello, Chris!

I am writing this letter to you because you recently registered with HelpJuice.

I want to share simple secrets with you, knowing that EVERY Helpjuice user can make the number of emails to the support service reduced by more than 1,000,000. That is, a lot of time will be saved and customers will be happy.

All this is quite interesting. Companies like Amazon,, or Microsoft, it’s very important to automate their support, but few people know how they do it.

I want you to join us at our largest webinar, which we are planning to hold (it is free and this time only for 50 participants; when 50 people are online, it is easier to talk with them than with 200). We are not going to arrange such events often, so you have to hurry up until the train leaves. Everything will last only 30-45 minutes (including questions and bonus materials).

To register on Tuesday or Friday, you should click on this link right now: .......

Still not decided? But Mario from PetRelocation liked the webinar so much that he wrote to us right after the “show”:

“Thank you very much, Emil! It was the best webinar I have ever participated in. Before at such events, it seemed to me that I was wasting my time, but not this time. I liked the way you honestly talked about how things were and did not try to impose anything. Mario Herbert, "

Come on, join in. Register already and forget your place: ... ...

See you at the webinar,

your friend Emil.

This email, as well as the following reminders, invite users to the weekly webinar, which tells abouthow large companies reduce their time spent on support.

The letter is simply fantastic, it urges you to hurry up and aims HelpJuice clients to quickly carry out the target action . Emil said that in this way he was able to double the number of customers who are “returning,” which is an outstanding achievement and which we all would really like.

How to repeat the success of this campaign

Each business has its own marketing content. Re-profiling it and targeting new customers will only benefit.

Adapt content to solve this problem, and your product will be bought more actively.It can be about video, about your own webinar, about a presentation or an e-book - only they should be practical and relatively short.

This approach works because it allows your customers to really learn something, and also gives the whole action a touch of exclusivity - i.e. it is to them that you are helping to solve their problems!

A customer who thinks so becomes loyal much faster, and the retention rate increases.

What to do

These five examples apply to companies of different sizes, but they all have something in common: they are successful and they are developing. And they use email marketing to keep customers as long as possible.

An increase in retention rate means an increase in financial returnfrom each registered user. As a result, the business goes better, you get more profit from each client, you have a better tool for work!

Spend as much time as retention and increasing customer activity as you devote yourself to finding those customers — and you will be amazed at your business’s growth.

Choose one of the options described that best suits your case and implement it immediately. Spend a couple of hours to reap the benefits forever!

PS From the translation editor: Continue the topic in my next article, “Three Effective E-mails That Many Marketers Forget About .

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