The start of sales of Emotiv EPOC is postponed to 2009.

    Earlier it was reported that the device will be ready for Christmas. Representatives of the Australian campaign of Emotiv Systems say they would like to “make sure” that the device works “as planned.”

    This is a representative of the class of devices for reading thoughts, that is, a brain-computer interface based on electroencephalography. Manufacturers guarantee that the character’s behavior will be controlled through emotions and facial expressions.
    EPOC has 16 electrodes. This is less than standard medical devices, but much more than the existing analogues (OCZ NIA with 3 electrodes and NeuroSky with 1). The device also has two gyroscopes for monitoring the position of the head in space.
    The device can measure 4 types of input signals:
    • Analysis of thoughts (Cognitiv suite): 12 types of movements (6 along the coordinate axes, and 6 turns), plus one more arbitrary by default. However, at present, the device can reliably recognize no more than 4. The video provided by the developers shows that such movements are quite difficult even for experienced users. In principle, users can visualize any 13 types of actions, but there are serious recognition problems. Due to the complexity of the algorithms, there is some delay, so in this quality the device is not suitable for dynamic games.
    • Analysis of emotions (Affectiv suite): “Pleasure”, “Interest / Boredom”, “Meditation” and “Disappointment” - these emotions can be detected with a sufficient degree of accuracy.
    • Expressivity analysis (Expressiv suite): Individual position of the eyelid, position of the eyeball, eyebrows, smile, laughter, etc. can be detected with a sufficiently high speed and reliability. This is due to the receipt of information not from EEG sensors, but from the signals of the facial muscles. As a result, the reaction rate increases to 10 milliseconds, which makes it possible to use, for example, in shooters.
    • Head rotation: Allows you to determine the tilt and make more subtle movements. It has nothing to do with sensors; information comes from gyroscopes.

    EPOC will be sold with at least one game. An example of torment can be seen in the video.

    And here is an example of how it should work ... in theory. (This video has already been laid out by alizar )

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    Estimated price $ 299.

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