Geek contest: how we did it (part 1)

    As many of you probably remember, we are in the midst of a prize draw . Let us briefly recall what we are talking about. Some time ago, we decided to come up with something interesting for Habr, dedicated to the Day of the programmer. As a result of long discussions, it occurred to us to hold a prize draw, but not classical and boring, but unusual and geeky. In the course of experiments and disputes, an ingenious installation was born to print the tickets of participants in the draw and ... measure the weight of the total mass of tickets. Arduino, sensors, cameras, aluminum profiles, plexiglass, a bit of engineering ingenuity and a lot of obscene expressions - who would have thought that an interesting project would come out of all this?

    According to the rules of the draw, October 25 is the last day when all those who are late can still take part. We remind you that for this you need to have an account on Habré and click on one single button on the project page. Accounts can be any, both read only, and with invite. And the ceremony of determining the winners will be held October 31, in Halloween. But we will inform about this additionally.

    We have prepared a video in which you will first-hand learn about how we invented and created the installation, the round-the-clock work of which has been broadcast on the project page for a month now.

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