Skype and standard pop-up messages in Ubuntu

    I am writing so as not to forget, but to use it in the future, I hope someone will also find it useful. I was puzzled to replace Skype popups with standard Ubunt notifications, it hurts my eyes too much. There is a problem, there is a desire to solve it. As it turned out, the solution is quite simple. And so, the solution.

    On Ubuntu 9.10, the repository and Skype itself are taken from Ubuntu Tweak. Creating notifications themselves turned out to be simple, here is an example of a command:

    notify-send "Hello world!"

    for notify-send to appear, you should install libnotify-bin:

    sudo aptitude install libnotify-bin

    Skype has a notification setting. Select an event, for example, "Message received." Press the button “More settings”, disable the checkbox “Display pop-up notification”, and in the line “Run the following script” write:

    notify-send "%sname: %smessage" -i skype

    the variables% sname and% smessage will be replaced in the notification with the contact name and message, respectively. Optional parameter -i skype tells the system to set the application icon in the notification window, in this case the Skype icon.
    A “file transfer request” can be issued in a similar way:

    notify-send "%sname передаёт файл %fname (%fsize)" -i skype

    In fact, everything is simple and clear, you need to edit the necessary events and configure the notify-send parameters.

    The following is a list of available variables in the line for events.

    Global parameters:
    % type - event type
    % sskype - Skype contact name (where applicable)
    % sname - display name of the contact (where applicable)

    Chat messages:
    % smessage - message text itself

    File transfer:
    % fpath - file path
    % fname - file name
    % fsize - file size (in bytes)
    % fprogress - download status (in bytes)
    % fspeed - download speed (bytes per second)

    UPD: Thanks shlyapa . It is more sympathetic to divide the notice into the title (displayed in bold) and the message:

    notify-send "%sname" "%smessage" -i skype

    Link to an article in my blog Configuring pop-up messages in Skype for Linux

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