Nanoscale site


    I’ll explain right away why Nano ... First, everything that our state does is simply impossible to imagine without the nano prefix - this is very fashionable. And secondly, the research is really small.

    1. The site responds only to, although the advertisement claimed that it would be possible to get to the address of public services.rf. Well, I think the budget was not enough to buy a domain
    2. The site uses PHP 5.2.5 on nginx 0.5.38
    3. The authors of the site do not know what CNC is. What do you think about what it is ? An article about Dymovsky. Again, a lack of budget for the study of new topics.
    4. Used by jQuery. Praise the eggs - did not reinvent the wheel
    5. No js minifier used. Well, at least some. Although, this is again money for training, but money must be saved. And the Internet throughout Russia will soon be anlim and broadband for everyone - why save traffic and download time
    6. Used by GoogleAnalytics. Tracker: UA-12058663-1. Say hallelujah !!! Asynchronous loading! Found the same money
    7. Judging by the pieces of code, OpenID login is planned. Really ?!
    8. The site does not pass validation . Yes, yes, I know that the best validator is a browser. It’s just the first part of the phrase. The whole phrase should sound like this: the best validator is a browser that fully follows the standards. Anyway. It’s just that there are mistakes for which I would be ashamed ...

    UPD : And another interesting thing: the site is registered on Rostelecom (OJSC of interurban and international electrical connection “Rostelecom”). Why is the site of Public Services designed for a commercial company - a hosting provider ?!

    That's all. Well, what do you want from nano-research :)

    PS In the “research” there is no ridicule at all about the pluses or minuses. Why in some lines do I focus so much on money? Because it is our money with you. Taxpayer money. And for some reason this money was not always spent competently - this is very disappointing.

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