We invite you to the seminar “Practice of choosing solutions for protection against zero-day threats and targeted attacks”

    On Wednesday, October 15, a seminar for specialists of all levels in the field of information security will be held in the Moscow office of Mail.Ru Group. The general theme of the seminar is “The practice of choosing solutions for protection against zero-day threats and targeted attacks”, the organizer of the event is the RISSPA Association with the support of Mail.Ru Group. The seminar will feature presentations by industry experts and information security solution providers.

    Program of performances

    Denis Bezkorovayny, Vice President of RISSPA Association
    “Foreword. Prepare your sleigh in the summer: complex threats, APT and targeted attacks are tomorrow's reality. ”

    The report will discuss issues important for the industry: what is APT and targeted attacks - another horror story or real threat? Why is the cost of information security rising, and the number of successful attacks is not reduced?

    It will also examine how security tools evolved and why solutions of a new class appeared on the market, how they differ from conventional security systems, what are the main mechanisms used to detect hidden and new threats.

    Eugene Kutumin, Information Security Consultant, Palo Alto Networks
    “Exposing the Invisible: How to Detect and Stop APT”

    Eugene’s report will be devoted to the current state of process control networks in the Russian Federation and existing problems from the point of view of Palo Alto Networks specialists. Statistics will be presented on threats and zero-day attacks for control systems, as well as an analysis of an interesting business case of one of the customers.

    Andrey Sukhanov, Head of IS Incident Monitoring and Response Monitoring Department, Alfa Bank
    “Experience in choosing solutions for protection against targeted attacks in a financial institution”

    In his report, Andrei will talk about why it was necessary to implement a system of protection against targeted attacks in the bank, according to which criteria the choice was made decisions and how the implementation process went.

    Mikhail Kondrashin, Technical Director, Trend Micro Russia
    “Protecting corporate environments from sophisticated threats: will the tortoise catch up with Achilles?”

    The key problem in providing protection against modern threats is that many heads of information security services do not realize how relevant targeted attacks have become. But they are the main cause of data leakage. On the other hand, modern approaches to ensuring security do not make it possible to repel another threat if it is not widespread. Most likely, in the next few years, the fight against targeted attacks will become the main battlefield in the field of information security. In this situation, all manufacturers need to decide on a strategy, because not a single traditional remedy is suitable here. It is believed that secure networks should learn to independently identify unknown threats and automatically generate immunity.

    Serdyuk Viktor Aleksandrovich, General Director of DialogueScience CJSC
    “Practical Aspects of Protection against Targeted Attacks Based on FireEye Solution”

    Over the past few years, the number of companies that have suffered from targeted attacks by cybercriminals has increased significantly - APT (Advanced Persistent Threat). The most striking examples are Operation Aurora, Red October, Stuxnet, Flame, and others. A feature of these attacks is the ability to bypass existing information protection tools, for example, by using previously unknown vulnerabilities in software and hidden control channels.

    One of the ways to protect against targeted attacks is to use specialized solutions that detect malicious code that uses zero-day vulnerabilities. An example of this solution is the FireEye product. It allows you to control all possible channels of malicious code penetration and detect attacks by analyzing potentially dangerous objects in your own virtual infrastructure.

    The report will discuss the features of targeted attacks, as well as practical aspects of protection based on the FireEye solution. The functional capabilities of the solution, typical variants of its application, as well as the experience of implementation in Russian companies will be described.

    Dmitry Popovich, Marketing Director, Cezurity
    “Finding the Weak Link”

    The phenomenon of targeted attacks has been discussed for the past few years. Attackers bypass security measures, gain a foothold in information systems, and for months, or even years, go unnoticed. Today, many vendors offer their solutions to detect and protect against such attacks. But the problem remains relevant. What allows attackers to stay one step ahead?

    An approximate range of issues that will be raised in the report:
    • IS maturity level and evolution of protective equipment;
    • What to protect? Which link is usually the weakest?
    • Can local analysis be dispensed with?
    • How to make sure that you have not been attacked?
    • Prospects for the development of individual detection technologies.

    The seminar begins at 16.45, October 15, 2014. Venue - Office of MailRu Group, Leningradsky Prospekt 39, p. 79.

    To participate in the seminar, you must register . You can reserve a parking space upon check-in. An online broadcast will be organized on our website , and video recordings of reports you can later watch on our youtube channel .

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