Two in one! Games on GameBoy and Dendy - pocket happiness for a knowledgeable gamer

    What was your first game console? Dandy, Sega or Playstation One, or maybe there was none at all?
    In this article we will look at EXEQ GameBox - a remake of the famous game console from the past.

    ▌ Design and modernity

    Display ▌ Undocumented features

    Games ▌ Battery and charging

    Conclusion ▌ Price and purchase
    ▌ Color differentiation of pants

    ▌ Design and modern

    It is interesting that the console will not go unnoticed. If you want to stand out from the crowd, this is what you need! people come up and ask, what is it? What can I play? Several girls said that they had such a phone in their childhood, and it was convenient to call it (probably, it meant a clamshell).

    The unusual design of the console attracts attention, then just do it! I didn’t surprise many of my peers with an acquisition, but at the same time most of them immediately wanted to purchase a prefix with the words: “Wow, this is gbashka! Where did you get her? ”

    ▌ Display
    The device has a 3 '' LCD display with a resolution of 320x240.
    The screen is bright, over the years since the release of the first GBA, SP technology stepped forward, and in this model of the hardware clone uses a more modern and better display.


    In the photo, game cartridges are equal to the amount spent on the console itself with the 999in1 cartridge. Cartridges with games in our city can no longer be found, only on order or online stores, so it makes sense to take a prefix with a collection cartridge.

    On the cartridge itself there are about 60 GBA games, the rest of the NES to GBA converted games, by the number of games, this is the same 200in1 cartridge as similar consoles.

    Spy on a cartridge without clothes in high resolution? Caution! Traffic!

    There are many games in the console. Favorite classic games with the Dandy: Mario, Tanks, Captain America, Butteloads, Bomberman, Castellvania, Chip and Dale, Contra, but there is even a bastard and Tetris, wonderfully complementing this console.

    999in1 Game Boy Advance Games I Like:

    Undocumented features:
    The brightness change button has not only 5 gradations, but with long-term holding (5 seconds), it can lull the device to save battery power. This function does not just turn off the display backlight, but really stops the device, for example, when starting GBA games during intro playback, hold down the key, put the device to sleep, wake it up after a while, and intro plays from the moment it stopped. It seems a trifle, but nice!

    I would like to talk about the sound volume in a little more detail, since not every day this happens. The volume was more than sufficient, during the recording of the video I realized that in some games the maximum volume is better not to do, otherwise it cuts my ears, I can’t conceal that I didn’t hear such volume for a long time on portable devices. The location of the speaker, of course, pleases, the console was developed not by fools, but by Nintendo itself.

    ▌ Battery and Charging
    Runtime - Full Portability!
    Unlike the same ubiquitous Android, here you will not have a couple of hours, but 6-8 on one charge easily!

    The battery itself is like this:
    TX 3.7V 800mAh

    Mains charger:
    TX 5.2V 320mAh

    ак Conclusion
    This prefix is ​​for those who “remember” or are just looking for a worthy replacement for emulators.
    For children and parents who do not want to engage in customization, downloading games and other things like that. For those who need portability and network independence.
    Many cartridge games are another nice bonus!

    ▌Price and purchase
    Prices are different, varied. In retail, a similar model with 200 games costs more than 2,000 rubles, while it is an emulator, which is not entirely good. EXEQ GAMEBOX, on the contrary, costs between 800-1200 rubles and is not an emulator - this is good, since compatibility with games is much higher.

    ▌ Color differentiation of pants

    Well what can I say, the color palette is extensive, the prefix is ​​presented in the following colors: white, blue, red, green, pink, orange, black, purple, blue, silver.
    But this is not all, for example, my model is listed as an emerald, so the list of colors is far from complete, the color solutions are constantly updated with new options.

    I'm not proud, not original, but a wonderful cue. Here is my baby, isn’t she a beauty?

    Information on the official website of the manufacturer.

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