Smart Ring - Gesture control of environmental technology


    Not so long ago, the Medgadgets blog posted news about the Moto smart ring. In this post, we are talking about a similar project, which received the simple name "Ring". The author of the idea is 16Lab. The prototype of the ring is already ready, and was shown at CEATEC 2014 in Tokyo.

    The device itself is more like a ring than a ring. The case is titanium, with electronics inside. The electronic system includes an accelerometer, a compass and a wireless module (Bluetooth 4.0), plus a battery with a capacity of only 10 mAh. The developers claim that the final version of the device will be able to work 20 hours offline. The ring is also equipped with a touch pad and a vibration motor.

    The platform uses the Sensor Network Module chip from Alps Electric. This is a square chip with a side of 6 mm.

    To activate the ring, you need to touch the touch pad, and then vibro will work, warning of the ring's readiness for work. Further, the user can control any device connected to the Ring - whether it is a TV with Bluetooth or a desktop PC. Gestures can be very different, and each gesture can be associated with a specific action and device.

    The accuracy of the accelerometer is quite high - for example, if you take a pen in your hand and open the document page on the PC, then everything written by hand in the air will be displayed on the PC screen. The size of the letters may be similar to the size of the letters when writing with a pen on a piece of paper.

    Ring can also be used as a means of payment, it can be used to accept payment via Bluetooth, and the ring will notify the owner by vibration.

    The price of Ring cannot be called low. It will go on sale in the second quarter of 2015, at a price of $ 149.

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