Sore about hosting

    After reading the topic comrade samokhvalov -a I also remembered my twists and turns with Moscow hosting. Maybe someone will be interested.

    One of the clients became really unlucky for hosters. Their site, which has been redone many times over the past year, is located on a private collocation and works quite normally. But something went wrong in the agreements and they wanted to change the host. We signed an agreement with Masterhost (this was last spring) and asked to transfer the site. It seems to be a trifle, but something was clearly wrong. Both ftp and ssh to the specified server somehow slowed down very strangely. Okay, I think I’m far away from Moscow, maybe some of the channels in the route is full (traceroute really didn’t give anything suspicious - there was a delay of 100ms on the entire route).

    I posted the site, tested it. It seems to be okay, the page loads in 25-40 seconds (my megabit channel is free, but I'm in another country). Check, I say, everything seems to work. Customers are at a loss - the page loads 4 minutes. And the old hosting works like a clock. The only answer is technical support - everything works fine for us. Through friends, I check the speed of access to the site from different providers in Moscow. The result is the same - incredible brakes. There was no clear answer from Masterhost and their hosting was refused.

    A week ago, the client again decided to change the hosting. This time, RBC services were purchased (not the cheapest tariff plan, despite the fact that the site is quite simple). Having drawn on their control panel I figured out how to work with it and abandoned the site there. Now the page loading has become unstable for me too. For less than a minute, it did not boot at all. Many pictures were not uploaded. The very first tests showed that static files are loaded with a delay of 2 to 30 seconds (they have ngnix), while php runs in 0.3 sec.

    For the experiment, I generate a static page (I specially took a page with a large number of pictures) and do a detailed listing of the timing of browser requests. I am writing a letter to RBC technical support with the application of the log and links to the test page. No answer. They talk on the phone about the fact that they are dealing with my problem (standard excuse?) And do not change anything. Week later. Neither answer nor decision. The client stayed on the old hosting.

    PS for trial, I threw this test page on an American shared hosting in Chicago, where I place small clients. The page loads at the full speed of my channel without delays or brakes. For interest, I threw the whole site there. Scripts work out with lightning speed, everything works as it should. At the same time, I know that that American server serves at least several hundred domains, many of which are heavy and busy.

    PPS can someone know how to get a normal result from RBC until their services are refused?

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