Google used camel in the Liva desert for Google Street View

    On Google Street View, you can see for a long time not only city streets, architectural sights of various regions, but also some very remote corners of the world. At the same time, to take pictures in such places, the corporation’s engineers use not only cars, but also bicycles, boats, and themselves, carrying panoramic cameras on themselves.

    But for the construction of a new route, in the Liva desert, the most unusual vehicle and its means, the “driver”, were chosen. In the desert, a camel, as well as a Bedouin, its owner, were used to travel along the dunes.

    The desert itself, with an oasis of the same name, is located in the southern tip of the United Arab Emirates. The first people appeared here many thousands of years ago, already in our time Liva, with its oases, has become a rather important source of such products as dates, as well as trunks of date palms.

    Now the desert is a tourist center, every year curious people flock here. And now there is an opportunity to take a virtual trip for those who, for some reason, cannot visit Liva in person. According to representatives of the corporation, when obtaining images of the route through the desert, it was planned to create a panorama with a reference to a single trip with a camel through the dunes. Actually, the project authors did it very well.

    In the field of view of the camera came bare sand, and desert plants, and even agricultural farms located in oases.

    You can see what happened in the end here at this link .

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