Instructions for obtaining an amateur radio call sign and certificate of registration of RES

If you are interested in what type of callsign to choose, how to prepare for the exam and work on the air, what procedure for passing the exam, receiving the callsign, as well as a certificate of registration of RES, welcome to cat.

Select the type of call sign

First you need to decide which callsign you need. If you do not plan to go on the air yet, but want to exchange QSL-cards, get the call sign of a radio observer who does not give you any rights, except the opportunity to use the QSL bureau system. To receive a call observer, you need to find an application for the formation of a call sign on the site of the local branch of the Union of Radio Amateurs of Russia and send it in the manner accepted in your department. Application example .
Further, we will talk about getting a full-fledged radio amateur call sign .

Ham radio category selection

At the moment there are 4 amateur categories, where 1 is the highest, 4 is the lowest.

4th category

Hams of category 4 are allowed to work on all VHF bands with a maximum power of 5 watts. Suitable for hunters, fishers, walkers and just lovers of socializing. Despite this, category 4 radio amateurs are subject to all the rules for working on the radio, including the mandatory transmission of the call sign. An alternative to the fourth category is unlicensed radio stations in the PMR (466 MHz, 0.5 W) or LPD (433 MHz, 0.01 W) ranges, when using which no exams need to be taken and no requirements for working on the air also need to be met.

3 category

Category for beginners. All VHF bands with a maximum power of 5 watts and some HF bands with a power of 10 watts are available. Types of radiation - telegraph, telephone (SSB) and digital communications.

2nd category

Radio enthusiasts of the 2nd category have access to all VHF bands with a maximum power of 10 watts, as well as all HF bands, except for the low-frequency section of a range of 160 meters, maximum power of 100 watts.

First category

For experienced hams. To pass the exam requires the ability to receive signals by telegraphic Morse code at a speed of 60 characters per minute. Opportunities - to the maximum. On the VHF bands when working through the Moon (EME) and meteors (MS), the power can be 500 W, and on the HF bands - kilowatts (except for the 160 meter range).

Exam preparation

The examination is carried out using a program developed by the Russian Amateur Radio Union. In this program are used questions from this pdf . It contains more than 220 pages of questions, maximally covering the theoretical and practical foundations of working on the air. All questions are divided into categories, the answers are on the pages: 37, 76, 155, 238.


There are two ways to pass the exam: in the local branch of the Russian Amateur Radio Union and in the radio frequency center of your federal district.
To take an exam in the local branch of the Russian Amateur Radio Union, you must join the SRP, check the local branch for information on the procedure for entering and passing the exam.
To pass the exam, you must contact the radio frequency center of your federal district , I took the exam at the radio frequency center of the Central Federal District, so I will give an example of the procedure for passing there.

Download statementto “check the compliance of the Customer’s operational and technical readiness with the minimum requirements for amateur service operators of the corresponding category”, in RFC CFD - this is number 38, fill it in, print it, sign it and scan it. Also, in the "application application" section, downloadpayment document “Form No. PD-4 of Sberbank of Russia”. Then send the application, payment, copy of the passport via e-mail to, in the subject line of the letter, please indicate “RFC CFD”, otherwise the letter will not reach. External links in the RFC do not open, so the documents must be attached to the letter. During the day you will be called back and assigned the day and time of delivery, if this did not happen, call the “hot line” and check if the letter has arrived. You must come to the RFC 30 minutes before the start of the exam, you must have the original documents with you. To pass the exam you need to answer 19 questions out of 25, an hour is given for this.
In case of successful passing the exam, not earlier than in a week, the test results will be ready, after confirming the readiness by phone of the “hot line” it is necessary to come for them.

Receiving call sign

The main radio frequency center is engaged in the formation of callsigns ; the callsign is free of charge. A signed application for the formation of a call sign and an act on the results of testing must be sent to, within 10 days the call sign will be formed and after a while using the Russian Post you will receive a “certificate on the formation of a recognition call sign”.

Registration of RES

Roskomnadzor is engaged in the registration of RESs, registration is free and possible through the State Services portal, with personal appeal and when sending documents by mail. For registration, it is necessary to fill out the “application form for registration of RES of an individual” and the form of the list of technical specifications for radio amateur radio stations and transfer the documents in a convenient way to the local branch of Roskomnadzor .

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