New designers Ugears: from stagecock to gun

    Right now on Kickstarter, in the midst of the crowdfunding campaign of the new collection of well-known 3D puzzles Ugears. Charges will end in early May, and the first deliveries to Beckers will begin only in July. However, GT readers can buy and assemble the latest wooden constructors now. Read more about the novelties will tell you further.

    Ugears are mechanical moving models that are assembled from plywood parts without glue and additional tools. Kits have become popular around the world: Ugears are sold everywhere, from Kiev and Moscow to Tokyo and New York (and even in the Disneylands).

    Post Stage Coach

    Stagecoach is an old and respectable form of public transport. Carriages with horses carried mail and passengers all over the world until the beginning of the 20th century. In Europe, such transportation flourished in the 18th century; The diligence message came to the Russian Empire late in the 19th century.

    The Ugears postal stage model is harnessed with two wooden horses, but it does not function in the most orthodox way. The graceful crew moves thanks to a powerful rubber-hooded motor hidden inside.

    The toy develops a good speed only from a couple of turns of the key, and carries both itself, and the team, and the packages in the "chests" on the roof and at the comforters.

    Arkballis Tower

    The next toy takes us for several centuries to the popularization of horse-drawn carts, in the Middle Ages. The kit consists of arcbalist and besieged tower . A miniature siege gun shoots wood bolts. The tower consists of two floors, which are connected by a special mechanism. If you hit the ballista on the shield on the second floor, it will “collapse”, fallen with a powerful blow.

    But the arkbalista strengthened and at the top of the tower to shoot at other targets. Shooting can be done in bursts of four bolts.


    Designers of Ugears, I must say, turned to the idea of ​​fidgets with some delay, at the very moment when the wave of craze for them (as well as torsion and spinning) began to decline. However, a new mechanical puzzle called Sphereokub is another improvisation on anti-stress toys.

    A strange thing is made up of eight spheres connected between themselves. They roll and move in such a way that the cube is transformed into different geometric shapes. That is - the first 3D puzzle Ugears, which you can continue to collect after it is assembled.

    Wolf-01 mechanical pistol

    Usually, wooden pistol models look beautiful, but they only shoot with imaginary bullets. Ugears are used to solving complex engineering problems, so that the weapons they represent really shoot: stationery bands with a “caliber” of 1.5 * 60 mm.

    Externally, the model is vaguely reminiscent of something between a Desert Eagle and a typical gun from a computer game. For example, it does not have a trigger, and the removable store serves only as an ornament.

    A clever mechanism with a rubber band hidden inside the barrel is responsible for shooting. Five gum- "bullets" are tightened on the gun itself. There is even a functional fuse, from which the gun must be removed before shooting. Bang-bang!

    All four new items can already be purchased at Madrobots . On them, as well as on other sets of Ugears, the action is distributed - the more sets you order, the more you will get a discount.

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