The event digest for HR-specialists in IT in October 2018


    In October, many educational courses, seminars and conferences for HR specialists working in IT are still planned. However, this time the organizers decided to minimize your meeting due to bad weather to the venues and did almost everything in online format so that you would gain knowledge in a comfortable home environment while having a cup of flavored tea.

    Stay tuned for post updates, event announcements for the second half of the month will be added later.

    Setting up targeted advertising for a vacancy (seminar)

    When: October 3, 17:00
    Where: Moscow, st. Narodnaya, d. 8
    Conditions of participation: 3 500 rubles.
    Organizer: HR Digital School

    The seminar will discuss social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte.

    Seminar program:

    1. Overview of the advertising office.
    2. Configure audiences. In this block, we will look at the algorithm for creating the necessary content on a Muditorium by job, activity, workplace, and other important details.
    3. The goals of the campaign. Difference and opportunity.
    4. Set up an ad. Formula for compiling text and image selection. Review editors Canva and Crello.
    5. Formula viral ads.
    6. Budgeting advertising campaign.
    7. Advertising campaign analytics.
    8. An additional topic on the new Facebook network option is the creation and promotion of a job.

    Details and registration

    Fakap HR Night Moscow (mitap)

    When: October 3, 5:30 pm
    Where: Moscow, trans. Oruzheyny, 41
    Conditions for participation: free of charge
    Organizer: Skyeng

    On the discussion show about the unsuccessful experience in work or projects in the field of personnel management are expected performances from:

    • Maria Lazanskaya, MegaFon Employer Brand Development Manager;
    • Irina Raznatovskaya, commercial director of Skyeng corporate department;
    • Lyudmila Morozova from SPB TRAINING;
    • Oleg Tkachenko, Director, Hays Talent Solutions / Response;
    • Evgenia Dvorskoy, co-founder and CEO of HR Tech of JungleJobs.

    And also a frank conversation of the guests and speakers of “Don't f @ ck up the landing!” About what packs are happening at work and it’s really not scary.

    Special guest - Radomir Stoyanovich, international director of Zepter International.

    Details and registration

    Meeting of the community of technical recruiters in St. Petersburg (mitap)

    When: October 5, 19:00
    Where: St. Petersburg, ul. Exchange line, 12
    Conditions of participation: 350 rubles
    Organizer: IT Recruiter School

    In the program of the meeting:

    • Testing candidates' objections - Irina Baygozina, HR-manager (freelancer);
    • HARDtalk on life hacking of the first contact with candidates: expectations and reality - Varvara Golubeva, People operation, Togezzer / Recruiter lead, Draewil;
    • All about the profession DevOps. Where to look and how to attract the best candidates? - Ermakov Anton.

    Meetings presuppose an open dialogue format with speakers and discussion of the topic with participants.

    Details and registration

    Marathon for digital recruiter - let's hit content (webinar series)

    When: October 8-24, 10:00
    Where: Online
    Participation conditions: 4 000 rubles (Basic package), 7 000 rubles (All Inclusive package)
    Organizer: MARHR

    5 webinars, 5 practical tasks, maximum practice in practice , communication in a closed group.

    Webinar topics:

    • Why and with whom?
    • What and how? Content creation.
    • Where? Job Promotion.
    • Personal brand recruiter and tools.
    • Targeted advertising (theme from the conference + setting online).

    Details and registration

    How to search and find Big Data specialists (webinar)

    When: October 9, 19:00
    Where: Online
    Participation conditions: 800 rubles
    Organizer: IT Recruiter School

    Webinar topics:

    • Deep learning, Machine learning and Big data - a recruiting perspective (what it is and how to work with it).
    • Specializations in Big Data - what are they and how are they different?
    • How and where to look for specialists in big data? Sourcing strategy and key channels.

    Details and registration

    Formula for writing and promoting jobs in social networks (webinar)

    When: October 10, 17:00
    Where: Online
    Conditions of participation: 1 350 rubles.
    Organizer: HR Digital School

    In the webinar program:

    1. The formula is a good job. Examples of working / non-working vacancies.
    2. Features of the creation of texts for social networks and the algorithm of their distribution.
    3. Rules for writing and writing a job. Formula "simple and effective"
    4. Tools for visualizing a job: the amount of text, visual elements, the ratio of elements in terms of social network rules and the perception of candidates.
    5. Tools for the promotion of vacancies and the formation of coverage: hashtags, hyperlink references to companies, targeted advertising, groups, opinion leaders.

    Details and registration

    HR-management in IT: Features of the industry and work tools (online course)

    When: October 10 - November 14
    Where: Online
    Participation conditions: 28 000 rubles
    Organizer: LABA

    Working in IT is a challenge, and the course will help you cope with it successfully.

    You will learn:

    • differences between different types of IT companies;
    • the needs of workers and ways of their motivation;
    • the most popular HRM-systems and methods of communication within the company;
    • employee performance management methods.

    The course is taught by Mikhail Pritula, HR Director at the iDeals Solutions Group.

    Details and registration

    INDEX Tech 2018 (conference)

    When: October 12, 9:00
    Where: Moscow, st. Tverskaya, d.7
    Participation conditions: 15 000 rubles, 12 000 rubles (until October 1).
    Organizer: INDEX

    IT and HR Synergy Conference. The time has come to expand the borders and adopt tools from adjacent areas, as well as to involve the Technical Organs in the search, adaptation and development of IT teams.

    Conference speakers:

    • Mitya Nazarov, Python-developer and DevRel-enthusiast
    • Ivanova Daria, Head of Offshore Recruitment in Grid Dynamics
    • Polina Rusakova HRD and Mark Sanevich CEO BestDoctor
    • Lidiya Samkova, Head of IT HR and Evgeny Shishkin, Development Manager, SKB Kontur
    • Julia Kartashova, HRD, and Nikolay Lysenko, Senior Data Scientist, OSA Hybrid Platform
    • Evgenia Goleva, DevRel
    • Mikhail Klyuev, DevRel in Avito
    • Aleksey Dolgushev, founder of the Dolgushev and Storozhilov HR-marketing agency and co-organizer of the CodeFest
    • Inna Savchkova, Head of TechnoPR in 2GIS
    • Elena Mogilnikova, Conference Organizer RailsClub and GopherCon
    • Daria Suprunova, HR Networker and Lead Digital Recruiter & Evangelist at Forteco
    • Mark Kandaurov, Lead IT Recruiter in SuperJob
    • Narek Aslikian, BDM Amazing Hiring
    • Nikita Sobolev, CTO
    • Vlad Kozulya, Frontend TeamLead in A3

    Details and registration

    Recruitment: How to find the perfect candidate (online course)

    When: October 12 - December 19
    Where: Online
    Conditions of participation: 24,900 rubles.
    Organizer: Netology

    Learn to find more candidates in a short time and become an expensive IT specialist and more.

    Course program:

    • Preparation for work;
    • BPMN recruitment;
    • Getting a new job;
    • Advanced search: modern tools and approaches;
    • Screening summary;
    • Communication with candidates;
    • Offer, candidate withdrawal and adaptation.

    Details and registration

    Human Resource Management in IT (HR) (online course)

    When: start of the course on October 14
    Where: online
    Conditions of participation: 11,850 rubles.
    Organizer: SPALAH

    The objective of the course is to provide a comprehensive view of how the HR function helps IT companies solve their business problems. An HR manager in IT is a specialist who accompanies an employee throughout the entire period of work in the company, therefore his role is extremely important.

    Details and registration

    TechRec Family in Moscow (mitap)

    When: October 18, 19:00
    Where: Moscow, st. B. Novodmitrovskaya, d. 36
    Conditions of participation: 500 rubles.
    Organizer: IT Recruiter School

    Mitap program:

    • Technologies that a front-end developer should own are Vitali Glibin, CTO Huntflow
    • Psychology of working with complex customers - Elena Fedenkova, HRD Youdo
    • Cases on technical interviews - Maria Savina IT Team Lead (С #), Java developer

    Details and registration

    HR Digital manager: search and selection online (online course)

    When: October 20, 12:00
    Where: Online
    Conditions for participation: 8,500 rubles (Participation package), 12,000 rubles (Full package).
    Organizer: HR Digital School

    The course is aimed primarily at making it as simple and affordable as possible to show how to use digital tools to solve HR problems: search, recruitment and recruitment.

    Course program:

    • 1 block: Search
    • 2 block: Content
    • Block 3: Advertising

    Details and registration

    Mitap №5 from Moscow IT HR Community

    When: October 23, 18:30
    Where: Moscow, st. Hasek, 6
    Conditions of participation: free
    Organizer: Spice IT Recruitment

    The subject of the fifth meeting - HR as a business partner.

    Topics for discussion:

    • Why business does not trust HR?
    • What does business want to receive from HR, what are the options for applying this function?
    • What initiatives are useful? What are harmful?
    • How to form an optimal team outside the recruitment and record keeping functions?

    Details and registration

    How to find IT? (webinar)

    When: October 25, 18:30
    Where: Online
    Participation conditions: 3,000 rubles.
    Organizer: “Valuable experience”

    At the webinar, you will learn how to navigate the current IT labor market, take into account its specifics and trends in selecting, how to search for IT-specialists not only on job-resources, but also on social networks, professional communities and in open spaces Internet, and also how to minimize budgets and search time.

    Training program:

    • Receipt of application
    • Profile candidate
    • Writing the text of the vacancy
    • Job Placement
    • Search for candidates
    • Interview
    • IT recruiting. General

    Details and registration

    "Secrets of IT selection" (online course)

    When: the beginning of classes October 30
    Where: online
    Terms of participation: 10 000 rubles.
    Organizer: IT Recruiter School

    Course program:

    • Block 1: IT-sphere: immersion
    • Block 2: Features of IT-specialists search
    • Unit 3: Sourcing IT Professionals
    • Block 4: Working with a candidate
    • Block 5: Work with the Customer
    • Block 6: Fastening the material

    The author and presenter is Svetlana Petrovicheva, founder of IT Recruiter School and GetIT.

    Details and registration

    About event organizers:

    • Netology - University of Internet professions, online training, courses from Runet experts
    • "Valuable experience" - training center
    • HR Digital School - affordable online training for HR and recruiters.
    • INDEX is a recruiting agency that specializes in finding IT specialists; the agency also has an INDEX School, where HR professionals who work in the IT field are trained
    • IT Recruiter School - IT Recruiting School
    • LABA - international educational platform
    • MARHR - HR Marketing Project
    • SPALAH - distance education in digital technology
    • Spice IT Recruitment - IT-specialized recruitment agency

    If in our digest you did not find any events for HR-specialists in the field of IT, which will be held in October, please add them in the comments!

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