Comic Hack Quest

    My friends in St. Petersburg are fond of playing Encounter . I myself have never tried, but I heard a lot of reviews. So, they asked me to make a flash level on the Matrix theme for one of their games (they gave me an example scenario). The game is the most primitive, it is a console with a pseudo-operating system, on which it is necessary to “hack” other people's servers in order to find the coordinates of the next game “level”. Work for the day, but I was amused.

    Play here!

    IMPORTANT! To start typing, you need to click on the game screen. To understand what to print, enter the help command .
    PS No need to ask why Linux commands are not used. The game was intended for people far from IT.
    Pss Players are looking for the coordinates of the next game point on the map, so when you find them - YOU WIN.

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