Microsoft earned $ 1 billion in licensing Samsung Android devices last year

    On Habré already somehow wrote that Microsoft receives substantial profits from royalties paid by manufacturers of Android devices. There are several technologies in the platform, patents for which belong to Microsoft, and the company earns from each sale of devices on Android OS.

    But what is the amount of earnings? This information, for obvious reasons, was not disclosed, but recently it became known that last year Microsoft earned a billion US dollars from licensing fees from Samsung.

    The information became public after the Redmond corporation sued Samsung for non-payment of penalty interest on late payments of royalties. The fact is that in 2011 between Samsung and Microsoft, two agreements were immediately concluded, a license and a business partnership agreement. The first agreement provides for the need for royalties for every Samsung Android device released.

    The South Korean corporation regularly paid all the deductions, but this year it overdue the payment (considering that Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia was contrary to the agreement) and refused to pay the interest on the delay. There is not much interest, 6.9 million US dollars, but the Redmond giant decided to defend this amount in court.

    Samsung may still have to succumb to Microsoft in this dispute, although patent court rulings are very unexpected.

    Via theverge

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