Restarting the Golden Site - the oldest contest of Runet Internet projects

    Hello, Habr! Probably, all the representatives of studios and agencies who have been working in the market for at least a few years have heard about the Golden Site . This is the first Russian competition of Internet projects, launched already in 1997. At different times, the jury was headed by Tema Lebedev, Exler, Anton Nosik and other famous people in RuNet. When I was still working on the side of the agency (in ADV in the region of 2006-2009), we regularly submitted whole batches of work and received (and sometimes did not receive) the treasured figurines of a golden cybermaster. I remember that back then I really wanted to somehow participate in the organization of all this movement.

    In recent years, activity on the Golden Site has slightly decreased, and we decided to help with the revival of the oldest competitive brand. This spring, we held several meetings with the founder of the project, Mikhail Vakhterov, and agreed to help develop the competition in the status of co-organizers (together with RAEC).

    Here I must say that despite the abundance of various awards and festivals on the market, there are almost no mass competitions of sites. There are large advertising festivals that have digital nominations (such as MIFF, ADCR, KMFR, etc.), there are foreign projects in which prizes are regularly distributed - like FWA and Awwwards, which select sites of the day / week, etc. But projects with a large number of nominations, where each studio / agency (or the site owner) can find a suitable nomination for any of its top-level work - almost none (there is a wonderful Runet Rating of our colleagues, but this is not enough).

    In general, we decided to revive the Golden Site - and did it. Held a light rebranding, developed a new competition site, new figurines, new nominations, have planned a large award ceremony. And now we open the acceptance of applications and look forward to new good work. One of the features of the Golden Site is an independent jury. This year, Sergey Kotyrev from UMI became its chairman. And to increase the transparency of the process of distributing elephants, we plan to open all the score sheets of all members of the jury - so that there are no questions and doubts. We accept work in more than 50 nominations - there is where to roam. Two more complex digital projects (media mix, viral, mobile stories, etc.) and their own websites of studios / agencies are placed in two separate blocks.


    There is not much time left for submitting entries - we accept them until October 24th. And the Award Ceremony will take place in one of the Moscow clubs on the evening of November 13 - after the second day of the RIW-14 conference.

    Stages of passing the Golden Site:

    1. Acceptance of entries - until October 24
    2. Online voting and shortlisting - November 7th
    3. Award Ceremony - November 13

    We invite everyone who is somehow connected with design and web development to take part in the Golden Site and test their strength in the fair fight with colleagues. It will be fun =) All the details - on the new site .

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