Apple Watch Market Response - Pebble Update, Pebble, Jawbone Alliance

    Friends, good night everyone! I just found out the good news - update 2.6 has been released for Pebble and Pebble Steel. But not just an update - the site has an extremely clear message - Pebble is expanding the ecosystem of its watches, now it supports applications that can monitor physical activity in the background (which was so lacking!). The first to write this software were ... guys from Jawbone!


    It seemed, why would an office that develops its hardware and promotes it to the masses make software for other people's iron? The answer is obvious - only by rallying can you compete with the coming soon Apple Watch. But back to business.

    With update 2.6, pebble has not only uploaded to its app store. Misfit and also appeared there. The developers especially emphasize the work with (you can’t swim in the brand new apple watch made of pink gold, unlike the 5 atm that withstand pebble) and the long time pebble works (sleep monitoring).


    Well, and a nice bonus separately - now pebble is officially sold through retailers , and prices (which cannot but please) are reduced by about $ 50:

    Pebble $ 99 / € 129 / £ 99
    Pebble Steel is now $ 199 / € 229 / £ 179

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Want a $ 99 Pebble?

    • 30.3% I want, in the near future I will buy! 263
    • 26.5% I want, but the price is still high, I will wait for a decrease of 230
    • 19.9% I do not want, not a supporter of all these devices 173
    • 12.8% Already have a Pebble 111
    • 4.4% Other (I will indicate in the comments) 39
    • 5.8% bought other smart watches 51

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