Philips introduced a wearable gadget that relieves the symptoms of psoriasis with light

    Skin diseases like psoriasis are bad in themselves, but the need for regular visits to the doctor to relieve pain and heal its most noticeable manifestations makes them even worse. Philips today introduced a wearable device that allows most psoriasis sufferers to treat themselves.

    125 million people worldwide suffer from psoriasis, of which 100 million suffer from the form of “psoriasis vulgaris”. This is an incurable skin disease. Even if the symptoms of the disease are reduced or removed during treatment, they may appear on another area of ​​the skin.

    The BlueControl dressing uses forty blue light LEDs to slow down cell division in common psoriasis and thus painful inflammation on the wearer's arms and legs.

    According to the results of a four-month clinical trial, it halves the pain of the symptoms by half without any side effects. It is designed to be as comfortable as possible and light when moving to another area of ​​the skin.

    BlueControl will go on sale in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands in October. The use of light therapy will require a medical prescription.


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