ZeroNights 2014 - hackquest


    ZeroNights is a conference on practical information security, which we are holding for the fourth time this year! We talked about it more than once, and many Khabrahabrites took part in it.

    And we have a tradition - to conduct a hack quest right before the conference, offering participants various tasks (breaking the web, reversing, analyzing, writing an exploit for binaries - in general, practice). For the victory, we give an invitation to the conference and from last year we bring it to the "hall of fame" . The rules are as follows:

    • The quest lasts 7 days, starts on October 1 at 20:00 and ends on October 8 at 20:00 (in Moscow);
    • Every day - one task. The duration of each task is 24 hours;
    • Total tasks - 7;
    • Who first solves the task - receives an invite (total of invites: 7);
    • In some situations, we can ask the participant to tell how the task was solved (do not try to deceive us, we are for fair and equal competitions!)

    This year, an exception is possible regarding the duration of tasks, since some of them are voluminous and complex and there is a chance that it will not be possible to solve in a day (we will probably extend and give time to complete it, starting a new task according to the plan).

    Tasks by type were distributed in the following order: 1 - Alighieri (reverse), 2 - Chip-in-the-middle (misc), 3 - InfectedTerminal (reverse), 4 - Yolochka (pentest), 5 - M-Nature (reverse) , 6 - Kyrai (web, networking), 7 - private bank haxing (misc).

    I would like to note that this is rather not just a task-based CTF, but a hack quest, some of the tasks include solving a really large chain of tasks.

    Quest site:

    Good luck and successful participation!

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