Two-day free access to Code School courses

    Code School is a project from Envy Labs , within the framework of which about 30 online courses on various technologies and programming languages ​​have already been implemented.

    Rails for zombies
    The learning process comes down to watching videos and repeating what has been learned, while all exercises are performed directly in the browser. The training is quite gamified : to go to the next level, you must perform the exercises from the previous one, and points are awarded for the exercises, and badges are added to your public page.

    Courses are taught by Gregg Pollack, Jason VanLue, and other Envy Labs staff. They are well versed in what they are talking about, so it’s nice and interesting to watch the courses (and they also have good music) Errors also happen, but they try to correct them, as well as compile lists of submitted errors if something has not yet been fixed ( example ).

    To access most of the courses you need to get a paid subscription ($ 25 per month, sometimes they offer to subscribe for $ 9 per share). If you do not subscribe, then you can take the first level of paid courses (or take free courses, but there are currently only 7).

    The good news is that New Relic decided to give everyone a gift for Geek Pride Day and sponsored a free two-day access to all courses - on May 25th and 26th ( EST ).

    Therefore, dear habrayuzer, you have a great chance to usefully and happily spend the coming weekend. In order to access the courses, you need to leave a request on the Code School website.

    And yes, Rails for Zombies is their job. :)
    And the course on LOLCODE - too (done by the first of April last year).

    Good luck and success in your studies!

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