Microsoft at KRI 2014 and Games Jam 2014

    Dear friends! This year, Microsoft within the framework of CWI prepared reports for you that will consistently talk about the gaming business on the Microsoft platform, technological capabilities and tools, and how to begin developing applications for Windows stores. You'll learn about game development options for the full range of Microsoft devices — the Xbox One game console, mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. Be sure to visit the panel discussion where the gurus of the Russian gaming industry will share their views on the market. If you already have games released on other platforms, then you will undoubtedly be interested to know how they can be transferred to the Microsoft platform. If you are a deep technical specialist, then we also prepared reports for you about the new features of the Visual Studio development tools and cloud services that can come in handy when implementing game projects. We are waiting for you at our reports!
    We also remind you that today is the last day of accepting applications for the Games Jam 2014 contest . Below is a list of games that are already participating in the prize draw.

    Microsoft participation in KRI

    On the 2nd of November, Microsoft will hold a series of reports within the framework of the CWI, a list of which can be found on the website . Below is a list of all reports with descriptions if someone wants to know the details of the report.
    Xbox One - a new level of digital entertainment Andrei Ivashentsev (Microsoft)
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    The Xbox One is the last word in the world of gaming entertainment. The interest shown by the market, players and developers in this device is quite understandable. As part of this report, we’ll talk about what opportunities Xbox One provides for game developers, how they are created, tools and programming models. One of the features of the Xbox One platform is that this device is one of the parts of the “three screens” paradigm and this report will demonstrate a universal approach that allows you to create a game for three platforms at once - Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Xbox One. You will learn about successful examples of such games, as well as some of the new features of the new version of Kinect 2 for developers.

    The gaming business on the Microsoft platform is the present and the future.
    Romuald Zdebsky (Microsoft)
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    In the report, we will consider in detail all current areas, programs, technologies, scenarios and monetization opportunities for game developers on all form-factors of the Microsoft platform - Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox One. If you want to understand what is now available from a technological and business point of view in the world of Microsoft technologies, if you want to know where Microsoft is moving in all the main areas of game development, as well as find out the numbers and examples of success of your industry colleagues on the latest Microsoft platforms, this report for you.

    Panel discussion: Experience in developing games on Windows - technology and business
    (Anatoly Ropotov - CEO of Game Insight , Sergey Orlovsky - CEO Nival , Anton Rybakov - head of JoyBits , Romuald Zdebsky - Microsoft) Anatoly Ropotov (CEO of Game Insight ), Sergey Orlovsky (CEO Nival ), Anton Rybakov (head of JoyBits ), Romuald Zdebsky ( Microsoft)
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    What technologies and approaches to use and how to make the most money on all possible form factors of Windows, from PC to mobile platforms Windows Store (Windows 8) and Windows Phone? How does the mobile trend affect the PC market and the genre changes of games and mechanics, and vice versa, how do PC mechanics penetrate the mobile market? How much time has come for middle-ware engines, or, conversely, can a proprietary engine provide leadership? We will consider these and many other issues in detail as part of a panel discussion with the leading game market leaders. In order for the discussion to be as interesting and relevant as possible for a wide audience, the discussion will involve heads of companies of different sizes and different profiles - Game Insight, Nival and JoyBits.

    Porting applications to the Windows platform and Windows Phone
    Dmitry Andreev (Microsoft)
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    Transferring existing games to new platforms is undoubtedly a reasonable step to expand the market and increase the income from already made investments. The Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platforms support the widest range of technologies and if your existing application is created using Cocos2D, OpenGL, Unity, Marmalade SDK or WebGL / HTML / JavaScript, then you have the opportunity to save most of the code. The report will demonstrate the work on Windows 8 of the most common cross-platform frameworks, as well as provide useful recommendations for porting code. In addition, issues of code transfer to the Windows 8.1 platform of applications created for older versions of Windows using DirectX and XNA technologies will be raised.

    Under the hood, DirectX 11.2 - debugging tools for Visual Studio 2013 graphics applications
    Dmitry Andreev (Microsoft)
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    DirectX 11.2 is undoubtedly a powerful and fairly sophisticated API. Understanding the intricacies of function calls, the order in which they are called, preparing preliminary data for shaders, and managing pipeline conditions can be very difficult at times. That's why a number of features were included with Visual Studio 2013 that greatly facilitated the debugging of applications using DirectX. With the help of this toolkit, literally every pixel can be studied and not a single nuance of its creation will be missed.

    Empower your game with Microsoft Azure
    Alex andr Belotserkovsky (Microsoft)
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    It is difficult to imagine modern gaming applications without many online services, including those that provide monetization, the interaction of players among themselves. Building the infrastructure of such services may require significant investments. A reasonable solution to this issue is to use existing cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure. This report will talk about the main features of this platform, development tools, as well as examples of successful use in large game projects.

    Do not forget to visit our booth! On it, you can play Xbox One and get acquainted with the latest technology on the Microsoft OS.
    For those who do not have the opportunity to attend the conference in person, we will organize an online broadcast of the reports of our track.

    Games Jam 2014 competition.

    Within the framework of the conference, we also hold a competition of games with a prize draw. Competition rules are published at .
    At the time of the publication of this post as part of a competition of 28 applications, today is the last day they are received. If you are not there, and you are sure that you should be, write to .

    Bio Battle , Ball Fall , Beaver Kickin ' , CarX Drift Racing , Circle + , Clean Up! , Clumsy Sheep Lullaby , Frontline Battles Online , Macho: Birds in danger, Persei 8 , Real Slingshot , Red Reactor , Resolve It! , RoboTrek , Space Cutter Demo , Spear of Destiny , Technocracy: Voyager , The Walking Cat , Trucking Mania , Turbo Trip 89 , Zealot , ZONIX Bacterium , Kaleidoscope , Sea Devil , Figures , Shyashnye Seals , 汉字 词典

    Maybe one of the Games participants Jam 2014 will also go tohackathon 2-3 numbers , we think that this will be a good reason to start a new project or continue something recently begun.

    See you at KRI 2014!

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