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    Publisher Peter decided to recall the good but forgotten books on JavaScript
    1. JavaScript: Strengths - Douglas Crockford
    2. Graphics on JavaScript - Raffaello Cecco
    3. Web Applications on JavaScript - Alex McCaw
    4. We create dynamic websites using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and CSS 2nd ed. - Robin Nixon

    JavaScript: Strengths

    Annotation: any programming language has its strengths and weaknesses, but JavaScript is largely composed of the latter, as it was developed in a hurry and practically did not debug. In this book, among the many most terrible JavaScript constructs, the most reliable, understandable and convenient to maintain are highlighted - that is a subset of the language that allows you to create truly extensible and efficient code. The author - a respected expert in the field of JavaScript among developers - highlights a lot of interesting ideas that make JavaScript a great object-oriented programming language. This book will open you a beautiful, elegant, simple and expressive programming language that allows you to create efficient code regardless of whether you manage object libraries or just try to get Ajax to work faster.

    Javascript graphics

    Abstract: this book describes how, using JavaScript, jQuery, DHTML, and the Canvas element (canvas), which appeared in HTML5, create rich web applications for PCs and mobile devices. With the advent of HTML5 and enhanced browser support, JavaScript has become extremely convenient for creating high-performance web graphics. An experienced web developer, after reading this publication, will study interesting and useful approaches to creating arcade games, DHTML effects, etc. using practical examples. Complex topics are presented in the book as easy to learn fragments.

    JavaScript web applications

    Abstract: HTML5 and CSS3 support is getting better and better every day, but you need to decide, based on your client audience, where exactly you can use these technologies. After all, creating JavaScript rich multifunctional rich applications that run on the client side is not an easy task. This book will help you learn all the techniques used to create the most advanced JavaScript applications, including structures, using MVC, frames, server and cross-domain requests, creating real-time applications, and much more. To help you understand the concepts of developing JavaScript applications, the work of real applications is reviewed. For experienced developers.

    We create dynamic websites using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and CSS 2nd ed.

    Annotation: learn to create modern dynamic websites, even if you do not have programming experience. If you can write static sites in HTML, then with this guide you will learn dynamic web programming and learn modern open source technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and CSS. In this guide, each technology is considered separately and shows how to combine them into a single whole, gives an idea of ​​the most modern concepts of web programming. With the help of detailed examples and control questions given in each chapter, you can consolidate the material studied in practice.

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