Lecture "History of Cosmonautics"

    Yesterday, I gave a lecture on the topic "History of Cosmonautics". There was an idea to make an Internet broadcast. It seems that preliminary testing was insufficient - judging by the lack of feedback, the broadcast did not work. Nevertheless, the video was recorded, and you can watch it if you are interested in this topic.

    Under the cutscene lecture plan, link to the presentation, etc.

    Lecture plan

    Chapter one. Collective unconscious
    • Jet Toys of Ancient Greece
    • Ancient Greeks also invented science fiction
    • Black gunpowder
    • Top technology: Hwachha and Bo-hiya
    • The first "astronauts": Wang Gu and Lagari Hassan Celebi
    • Isaac Newton
    • Tipu-Sultan missile
    • William Kongre missiles

    Chapter Two Dreamers
    • Jules Verne
    • Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky
    • Robert Goddard
    • German Space Travel Society: Obert, Valle, von Braun
    • Soviet pioneers of rocket science, GIRD, RNII

    Chapter Three Khaki Cradle
    • World War II: Katyusha and V-2
    • After the war: German heritage
    • The difference in approaches to working with the legacy of the Germans - missiles of the USSR and the USA
    • First geophysical launches
    • First ICBM R-7

    Chapter Four First
    • First satellite
    • First animal in orbit
    • First moon hit
    • The first photo of the far side of the moon
    • The first return of an object from orbit
    • First man in space
    • First VKD
    • The first soft landing on the moon
    • First docking
    • The first manned flyby of the moon
    • First humans on the moon
    • The first soft landing on another planet
    • First orbital station
    • The first exploration of distant planets
    • Almost modern events

    The lecture also attempts to talk about existing cosmic myths (usually quite scandalous or conspiracy theological ones) and dispel them.

    Link to the presentation . ODP format, distribution, modification and public reading are strongly encouraged.

    If anyone followed the lecture yesterday, in the comments or in PM I would like to hear a description of the problem - I don’t have a feedback and I can’t say what the Internet broadcast refused.

    PS I recommend this interesting list as a source of information for additional reading .

    PPS In Google disk glitch, the presentation opens without pictures. Pictures are not lost, the presentation must be downloaded and viewed locally.

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