Police drones looking for undeclared mansions in Argentina

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    Many people fear drone invasion of privacy. And not for nothing they are afraid. But drones can help people in many ways: take breathtaking photos from the air, control events and even look for illegally built mansions. And, of course, look for drug traffickers' routes, what they are successfully doing in Argentina. The cost of drones used by special services is about $ 10,000.


    South American law enforcement agencies are already using drones to search for drug smuggling routes. So now, if they suspect that somewhere there is an undeclared mansion whose owner is hiding from taxes, they send drones equipped with cameras there. This approach is already bearing fruit: instead of photos of desert areas and bushes, drones brought pictures of huge mansions with pools. Their owners face serious fines, which, according to government estimates, will bring the country's budget about $ 2 million.

    Already 200 buildings and 100 pools have been discovered.


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