Office in which Holidays are done!

    Good afternoon, dear visitors of Habr.

    In my previous post, “The Future in Event Organization,” I told you about the latest in the event industry - dancing robots, a cloud-making machine, logos, and glowing paperimageand other no less interesting things. This topic caused a lively response, and we received quite a lot of requests from potential customers and partners. I wondered what else interesting I could tell the readers of Habr. And I came up with - I’ll tell you about our office. Despite the fact that we are, without a doubt, a small business - the company currently employs only 11 people, I am sure that even for a small business, the office should be the place where employees want to come. I do not believe that you can make real Holidays and Events, sitting in a stuffy semi-basement or attic, which requires major repairs. Some of our competitors think differently and save on their employees as best they can, putting profit at the forefront. This is not our way, we will each differ in our opinion. So, what is it, the Office of this Holiday Agency?

    Our office is located in the center of St. Petersburg, on Vasilievsky Island, within walking distance from the metro, so that it is convenient to get to us. The office always has free seats for our customers ’cars. Inside the office there is a good air conditioning and ventilation system. Despite all this, however, it should be noted that our clients, both corporate and private, rarely come to us themselves, preferring that we come to them. And ALL brought with them: the script, presentation, drawings, mock-ups, costumes, props, examples of invitations, decoration elements, and the like, and they don’t care how we carry it all. But we ourselves go to our office every day, often seven days a week. In a word, we always work so that you have a good rest.

    Here it is, our office, outside view, on the ground floor of a small business-center "Etalon", on the street Korablestroiteley:

    So, we're inside. Our corporate colors are yellow and burgundy. Our guard, Daniel Craig, peers out from behind an open door in the distance. With his heavy gaze, he makes an indelible impression on new visitors:

    And these are our customer service managers: Irina, Olga and Anastasia, at their workplaces. Call us and you will definitely hear the sweet voice of one of them:

    This is the holy of holies, art department. Our art managers work here, they are the ones who create the event. They didn’t want to be photographed, for good reasons ... First: “What if my exes see me and everyone comes here together?” Second: “Thank you, I have enough communication with customers on the sites”

    View from the windows to the new Passenger Terminal. Ferries, every day, leaving, buzzing goodbye to us, and we buzzing them in return :

    Soft corner for customers. Tea, coffee, dance? :

    Our kitchen. Tea, water, medicines for employees and visitors - at the expense of the institution. “DON'T BLAT” appeared after we were the first in Russia to bring ... censored ... and our manager ... censored ...

    Our server cabinet. Where without him ...

    "Goodbye!" They say. Come to us again!

    I hope you were interested in visiting us, at least virtually!
    Information on how we make Holidays, photo reports on our events, feedback from our customers, as well as our address, phone, and many other useful information, you can easily find on our website:

    Thank you for Attention! Come visit us for real!
    Sincerely, the staff of the Holiday Agency "Knyazev", St. Petersburg.
    We fill life with Events.

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